15 thoughts on “Poetry in Brief – a day in a life –

    • Thank you Liz, much appreciated! The cover, just happens to be Marianne’s creation and creative design abilities. This is the 14th of my 17 books on which her designs appear. Lucky me. Mind you I spent very many years in the graphic design world, and no, not as a graphic designer.



  1. Congratulations, Jean-Jacques! Like the other commenters, I love the cover — the design and colors. 🙂 Is your new collection’s subtitle perhaps a nod/reference to the Beatles song “A Day in the Life”?

    • Thank you Dave, and I will pass on your remark on the cover, Which happens to be my wife’s creative genius’s work, who is also responsible for creating a total of 14 of my 17 books, covers layout, and prepares, ready for print. In between she manages to continue practising her profession of Intellectual Property Law. So you see my contribution, boils down to the easy part of scribbling these poems to fill the pages. As to a nod/reference to the Beatles song, my title is for ‘a’ life rather than theirs which is for ’the’ life. Kidding aside, tho I admire their music and all types of music and enjoy their work, my first love in music is Jazz, and of course Classical.

      À bientôt Jean-Jacques


  2. Congratulations, Jean-Jacques. Marianne is amazing – a master at bringing art and your poetry together in a blissful collaboration. I am beyond excited for you. Thank you for sharing your poetry with the world. I had to add a poem from your poetry book, “Love by any definition.”

    The Love
    -of all loves-
    There is a love
    You’d want seek,
    ‘Tis the love above
    Said the gods speak,
    And the love of all loves!:

    • Thank you so much for this accolade, Rebecca, and I accept your praise for the book on behalf of Marianne, as well as myself. For without Marianne’s artistic and creative design abilities, none of the 14 books of my 17 poetry publications to date, would stand up to the kind of generous comments and praise you have so offered. You’re adding my poem form another of my books, The Love – of all love – without another says it all!

      Thanks again, dear friend,

      Et à bientôt, Jean-Jacques


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  4. Thank you, welcomeazt a.k.a. Ken Simpson, for your comment, though somewhat left-handed encouragement to read my poetry reflections. As the very old saying goes, I don’t care what you call me as long as you don’t call me late for lunch!

    In return I’ve started to read your blog #8 and find it most impressive, especially that bold face honesty and expletive way you make your point. Your said way, does indeed push one to read on, which I will.

    Thanks again!


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