If Truth Be Told – how then discern –

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If Truth Be Told 
	- how then discern -
If truth be told
Will it yet reach,
Its vision worthy
Of ether entreat,
Not bent in guile
Of vitiate deceit, 
Yet who’s to say 
Man didn’t teach,
The gods’ sly way
Thus so to breach,
How then discern
Of which we speak,
Thus be held truth 
Or but failed preach,
Aimed credible to hold
Tho history has its doubt,
If man’s veiled truth be told!
						        © Jean-Jacques Fournier
					inspired from the poem Truth be Xenophanes 
					          Greek philosopher, theologian, poet
						  for timeless words of wisdom!
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re-written in Sweetsburg
March 26, 2021

15 thoughts on “If Truth Be Told – how then discern –

    • Uncovered truth. Wonderful…! I am a collector of antiques, specializing in specific artistic areas, such as Tiffany, Moorcroft some Victorian and walking sticks and canes. Now uncovered truths, that something to hunt for collection. No doubt they will become priceless and beyond affordability in no time. One must stock quickly before our politicos buy everything up, leaving nothing for we fellow citizens who still believe in truth!

  1. En Français, la sagesse chère dame! … Wisdom dear lady. That elusiveness you sense is nothing less than the realization truth like life gets thinner with and as time. Ergo less of it to encumber your ever fading memory, until only the worthy truth remains.

  2. The first line says it all, Jean-Jacques! “If truth be told….” And by what standard should we measure that truth – “its vision worthy.” Your words: breach, discern, preach are powerful. What was truth yesterday has been discarded today. Will the truth we hold precious today stand in the decades that follow?

      • Hey Paulette, I realize my yesterday’s attempt failed, to show my appreciation for your term of “uncovered truth.” Man has obviously managed to find ways to cover, twist or disguise the truth with a kind of backdoor out, to use when it suits. Therefore rendering plain and honest, as you correctly put it “uncovered truth” a way of the past, falling into the priceless antique category, much like the objects I mentioned yesterday. Used to be, we had plain truth and plain lies, whereas man has managed to near successfully blur that definite line, that once clearly separated the importance of believable truth, plain and simple.



    • Thank you, Rebecca, You’re right, of course, with if being the driving force as to questioning this sadly overused most important word, followed by trust me, trust we expect being fuelled by truth. As to the lifespan of a truism, the dictionary offers; truism is a proposition that states nothing beyond what is implied by any of its terms. Thus so does it not follow that the truth we hold precious today will stand in the decades that follow? For a designated truth to a specific issue has no reason to differ, save should reason or condition be made alter from the given time, not likely save with witchcraft or that of a political changeable truth.

  3. With misdirected power we construe the gods whose truths undo us! To find truth worthy of our limited vision…yes indeed. Your opening and closing lines are bookends of that worn phrase, “If truth be told,” with everything in between the questions. One of the features of your poems which I admire, besides their depth, is the open ended ‘closure’ to the philosophical questions you pose. I appreciate strong endings.

  4. What can I say Mary Jo, after having near exhausted my vocabulary’s repertoire of complementary acknowledgements on Sire Astor. Save of course admit to be yet assimilating your opening assertion. Thus so as man’s interpretations of the gods, being quite varied, that which I find most positive, for I strongly believe that verity is the spice of life! Though I’m not sure seeing my opening and closing lines as book ends for a worn out phrase, you claim be my choice of title, for this poetic reflection. That being said, if one puts it out there, once done, it must stand on its own, and as the saying goes (here’s another worn phrase) if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. All be said, good or bad critic is always better than none at all. Finally and assuredly I am most pleased and appreciative that you admire my reflections and have taken the time to express your valued opinion. Thank you for this, Mary Jo !

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