Image,Imagining, Imaging – of destined to be –

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Image, Imagining, Imaging

                  – of destined to be –

     - you see -

May not ere be 
If ne’er ye find
An image to see,
In fact ‘tis of ye 
As short set time, 
Despite of a plea
For annals define,
Be vacant you see
Of destined life be!
     - persona said whole -

Risks find exterior 
Not imagining be, 
A creation inferior
Albeit melds just,
Held modestly bold
May not be an image
Of persona said whole!

         -  fixed impression -

In one’s reflection
A mirrored façade,
Of fixed impression
Has one soon wonder,
What he will envisage
Of neoteric squander,
Thru lifetime’s ravages
Of reality faced imaging!


In imagining, imaging image  
          - of destined to be -

                              © Jean-Jacques Fournier
                                        March 19, 2021

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16 thoughts on “Image,Imagining, Imaging – of destined to be –

    • Your powerful way of describing the effects of my words, you accurately refer to as triplet, be of imagery that tries to say it all. With time speeding by ever so fast, I find myself pressed to look for compose, requiring minimum words to express maximum thought. Pardon my using an expression that comes to mind from my young military days, still a student. the while in the Canadian Navy, ” It is not the size of the gun, but the force of the shot” Thus so as in these three poems, it’s not the length of the message, , but the depth of evocation that these said three short poems were meant to have achieved, and seem to have done so!. Thank you ever so, Sire!

  1. Deep and very thought provoking poem! The limits presented in each stanza suggest the gifts, and perhaps curse, of sight and language in our allotted time here. I’ve never read Helen Keller’s biography, but now I will. Imagine not being able to see or think with images!

    • Thank you Mary Jo. The three pieces are actually three short poems with individual titles and sub-titles, actually written a few years apart. An old habit of mine, to be playing with words, for to me every a word has a wealth of stories to be found close to the surface of each apart from their intended meaning of origin. A few months ago, going thru my many poems, closing in on near three thousand poems and a seventeenth book to be released in a couple of weeks, I got the idea of grouping sets of three poems of like titles and subjects that could expand their individual raison d’être. This is my third trio, the first being, ‘A Trio of Poetic Echoes’ and I’ve two more groups of three (three simply because I favour odd numbers) what else for and odd character, with which my dear Marianne seems to agree.
      By the way, an excellent decision, reading Helen Keller’s biography. What a fantastically powerful lady to have so achieved despite the horrendous cruelty of her life’s afflictions.
      Thank you again Mary Jo!

    • Thanks Liz. I’ve written at least a dozen poems or more on the subject of imagining, imaging etc. So putting three of them in touch with each other was the easy part. The difficulty was to hold back to let them stand on their own, which as you’ve seen works, in the fit that was and is there. A bit like a painting to which the artist is forever wanting to to add a bit here and there, until you pull the canvas away fro him and hang it…!

  2. Profound thoughts, Jean-Jacques. What do we see, imagine? What is our image and is it the same as the image we present to others. How do we imagine our lives in youth and then in age. How do we reconcile imaginings with “destined life to be…”

    • Well Rebecca, with that reaction to my trio on imagining etc. you will have to wait, for your words have laid the groundwork for another poem to reply to these interesting and searching questions. Thank you dear friend for your questioning insight! À bientöt …

      • Thank you, dear Jean-Jacques, for introducing me to new thoughts that challenge me. Exciting! Always look forward to your posts.

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