Dreamscape – of a risky nature –

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              But for a little humour...


         – of a risky nature –

Lapsed in dreamscape

Of rhythmic tossing,

By love’s enfoldment

Be aberrantly bound,

Beneath a quilt of pink

When aroused to a sound,

Of an angry voice on the brink   

She reaches for her lacy things

As her fiancé hollers, you harlot

And repeatedly hammers in fury,

While lover holds a rumbling door shut!

                 based on and old familiar story,
                               for a friend of errant ways...

                    © Jean-Jacques Fournier
		      Written in Sweetsburg
Short poem excerpt, of ov. Sounds - in an aberrant state - 
written in Grasse, Fr. 2006,... 
Imagery - private & public ...
Music - excerpt of Jazz Mood - BMG Channel ...
Audio – Jean-Jacques Fournier

5 thoughts on “Dreamscape – of a risky nature –

    • Thank you, dear Paulette, for how so perfectly you express your appreciation of the delicate subject of dreams with a tongue in cheek with a slight humorous twist, which regardless of issue, humans have no control of dream outcome or direction. Ergo all serious aspects of life finds a comical side and vice versa. even this worn out old story, disguised as a poem, awake can bring a chuckle or a youthful smile, at any age. And if you’ve been around as long as I have, both come easily !

  1. You may be right, Liz. For the advantage of poetry, be so that with a little bit of abstraction, the reader can fill in whatever or wherever the story ought go. Be it safe, daring or damning! 😉

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