Validating – an aging mind –

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            - an aging mind - 

 From apropos 
 to ye ought know,
 would that we find
 the how to slow,
 an aging mind... 

 Yet far from reign
 these gods that play,
 our heads in game 
 be mindless way,
 need feign shame
 from apropos,
 to ye ought know
 afore ‘tis time,
 Too soon will show!     

                       A mindful raison d’être...
            © Jean-Jacques Fournier    
 Audio recital – by the author...
 Music - Almost Blue, by Chet Baker...
 Imagery – Private & Public ...
                           written in Sweetsburg    
                                      February 25, 2021 



10 thoughts on “Validating – an aging mind –

    • The problem with “It pays to advertise” is that the propaganda machines pays those few invaders largely, at the expense of the too many who can’t afford and consequently suffer the costly consequences. Thanks Paulette…!

  1. We live in a world of many messages, many voices and many causes – all demanding our attention and our action. May we have the foresight to live in a world of peace with others and peace with ourselves.

  2. I like to think that the aging mind becomes more discerning, as it recognizes and acknowledges the complexity of this world we live in. (Is this an incongruous remnant of youthful naiveté?)

  3. Actually no my words have nothing to do with youthful naivety, as it is more about reflecting on the need for reality of too many aging minds that will die before they can become more discerning, or sadly in general may not have time to recognize or acknowledge the complexities of our world. Save of course those who are there for their own self-serving purpose and greed.
    Though we can name many whom we blindly trust, the recent example of Trump says more than enough to what we more often than safe end up choosing. Thus so and at least they who should and who are in the position to do right, were and are far from what one would call naive. Which cries out to look at the world’s leadership quality in general, and the condition we find said world for the most part affords, fair and humane ( wishful thinking) for all.
    Too easy to blame youth’s naivety. My words of ” these gods that play, our heads in game be mindless way ” means to suggest, symbolically, be far from your “incongruous remnant of youthful naivety”, wouldn’t you say…? And “Too soon will show” an aging mind be gone and who will be there among the youth, for us to blame? Thank you, Liz, for this nudge…!

  4. Coincidentally, the expression “time out of mind” has appeared to me lately…so rich in meaning. These ‘gods’ which play head games are mindless because they’re heartless. At least for me, that is what pleads within your poem’s lines. Even youngish minds are slowed and choked by fear, the gods chief thunderbolt. Seeking peace and cultivating love slows the mind’s pace joyfully. To be full of mind and full of heart are reasons to be. Slowing down to contemplate poetry is good for both.

    • Thanks, Mary Jo, for an interesting observation and of how this poem speaks to you. My use of the gods, a metaphoric invention of man, as I see their presence, in all shapes, forms and functions. As such in a world and life, as witnessed by their play with our heads in games that to all intent, are mindless of consequences, thus so designed to but ultimately benefit their self-serving aspirations. Gods per se because they control in the absolute, and that their power over all is cruelly ne’er to be questioned.



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