Valorizing – a state of being –

     -a state of being -

 Between desperate 
 and distraught,
 spare ye be invested
 in disparity best forgot, 
 But between pain 
 and naught,
Take ye the pain,
As alive be right as rain! 
          © Jean-Jacques Fournier
              February 18, 2021  

5 thoughts on “Valorizing – a state of being –

  1. Jean-Jacques – you have given me a great thought to begin my weekend. How perceptive – “between pain and naught….”. Life offers us extremes of happiness joy, and tragedy and grief. You have reminded me that we have a choice in how we respond. Right now, we live in difficult and uncertain times. May we chose to embrace life with boldness and courage.

  2. We have just finished a telephone conversation, Marianne and I, that ended with more or less as you did choose, a like farewell related to the freedom of wishing and the restrictions of doing, With a modicum of sagesse and forward thinking, it is easy to accept reality with the necessary caution, knowing we can eventually do it all, again more or less, save with the buildup of additional pleasure. Thus so for having waited patiently with said sagesse and wise attention. Wishing you and Don an intellectual rewarding yet careful weekend!

  3. Liz, I’m not sure how my valorizing eight lines, could deprive one’s mind from remaining free, at this time or any other, I’d truly be interested in what brings you to that point. Care to share?



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