The Interruption – of a restless sleep –

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The Interruption
       - of a restless sleep -
 Wouldst plan,
 View holds 
 As theories can,
 If but an inkling
 Of purpose stands,
 To not be tinkering
 As world needs find,
 Collective peace of mind!  
 Running me
 To death,
 Afore finding 
 I had depth,
 Not as in seriatim 
 Seeking breadth,
 But to want done
 As a living objective,
 Despite our meagre run! 
 Then over time
 You meet death,
 Sits on the wings
 Of your breath,
 Thus never late
 Fate’s wily net,
 Finds confiscate
 A bit of life you’ve left! 

                           © Jean-Jacques Fournier
 Imagery - Personal and Public ...
 Music – Piano Jazz, a study...
 Audio - Recital – Jean-Jacques Fournier

 written in Sweetsburg  
February 7, 2021 

6 thoughts on “The Interruption – of a restless sleep –

  1. Sleep is so important, Jean-Jacques. I just read that Friday March 19th is World Sleep Day, which is organized by the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Sleep Society. What I didn’t know is that sleep deprivation costs our world billions of dollars. Your words, beautifully written, resonate: “As world needs find, Collective peace of mind.”

    • Thank you, Rebecca, an interesting point you make, and I’ve no doubt that deprivation of anything has serious consequences. But the other side of the coin of deprivation, it in effect has conditions. It being that one first has to be deprived. For some reason I’ve lived my life, since my mid teens, with never more than five straight hours of sleep per night. Yet I can’t ever remember malfunctioning as a result, and far from being a youngster my family doctor repeatedly suggest that whatever I’m doing I should not stop.
      I do point out though that my inspiration for Mind, was more geared to the social mental harmony and physiological aspect of a collective peace. In spite of this you are right to point to sleep, it being a continuous form of temporary death, throughout our lives, death being inferred in all of the three short poems.
      It would be interesting to know what aspect of sleep deprivation costs the world billions, and how they arrive at that cost. Hopefully I will not be asked to foot any part of that bill, at least not based on my health care in that aspect of my life.

    • Meeting death, if you’ve been around long enough, is not uncommon when loosing family or friends. The meeting of it just isn’t put it together quite the way my OverTime opened that picture. Death is simply the other end of birth, with birth implications defined by the connivers, while death is defined by your own consciousness of its eventuality. That one normally has time to meet with it ahead of it taking place, I believe preferable than unexpectedly by surprise. unless of course one like surprises. Chacun sont goût, nés pas!

  2. Can’t help but assume that Mr. Auto Correct is out of his depth, requires fresh batteries. I’ve been plagued by this bozo’s mistakes as well, far too often…!

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