A Trio of Poetic Echoes…

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The commodify,

Of laisse faire  

Speaks of oddity,

To find fly an affair

Taken with frivolity!


You find look

Be oppression,

Beyond brook

Of expression,

Despite its façade

Charts blindly sad!


You are aware,

Yet knowingly

Without care,

Tho insentience

Finds admittance,

Of a conscience!

                              © Jean-Jacques Fournier
 Images - public & Toulouse Lautrec ...
 Music - excerpt - Jazz Chill Out from BGM...
 Audio - recital - Jean-Jacques Fournier...
                              ov - written in Sweetsburg, January 31, 2021 

13 thoughts on “A Trio of Poetic Echoes…

  1. Ah, yes I’m with you forever positive, despite the setbacks, must never shut down, just in the advent of… I want to be there when positive happens. My words on conscience, is to wake up they who’ve need, sometimes me, cause the negative is a very large trap. Thanks Paulette!

  2. Dear Jean-Jacques – oh, there is power in the trio of Frivolity, Facade, and Conscience. You have given me much to think about in the coming days. I just read an interesting article of how people are becoming enmeshed in the current news structure which increases their anxiety levels. The question becomes – do we stretch our minds or do we let others chose our direction, our values, our beliefs. In my guided meditation this morning, a quote by Alan Watts echoed your thoughts: “Yet knowingly Without care, Tho insentience Finds admittance Of a conscience.”

    “There is never anything but the present, and if one cannot live there, one cannot live anywhere.” Conscience allows us to live ever present, every joyful. Thank you again, for your words of wisdom.

    • I thank you, Rebecca, for sharing your in-depth reflection of my seemingly evocative poem of few words and prompting self searching intention. Yours and Paulette’s responses have given and opened additional reach to the importance and meaning of conscience. I gratefully echo the last three lines of your much appreciated comment. and truly thank you again, my dear friend !

  3. Thank you Liz. I see that you are in accord with Henri deToulouse-Lautrec whose passion and love of the cancan girls and painting of them as well as all that surround the pleasure of life’s frivolities, of which he made a full time career and by extension lifestyle. To say the least, Henri’s physical impairment did not discourage his prowess nor his success with the ladies of this famous dance. The reason I chose one of his many paintings to head my Frivolity poem, for it depicts frivolity at its best!

  4. I enjoyed the trio format, Jean-Jacques! You said so much in 17 lines. The “commodify,” “oddity,” and “frivolity” near-rhymes were masterful.

  5. Sometimes it just seems to come out as it should, inspite of the gods of the written word or the higherpower, whichever one of them on occasion is awake and or not too pickey. I guess I lucked ou on this one.
    Kidding aside Dave, as I’ve been at this since long before you and I had courless hair, and when a reply the likes of yours comes at you, it is always a gift of assurance that one’s addiction is worth having, and worthy of continuing. As though one could stop, even if he wanted. Your words are food for we ever doubting writers of the this medium a.k.a. poetic reflections. Thank you my friend!

  6. Merci, Sylvain. L’intention de reliée ces courts pence individuelle, font ensemble, tout de même pour moi, une autre histoire à réfléchir .
    Thank you Sylvain. The Idea of linking these individual thoughts together, was that in sequence the result might give an alternative reflection.

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