“ Those Moods ” – a state of mind –

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Those Moods
      - a state of mind -
At times bemused,
To find thy mood
More so confused,
As cause to brood
Wouldst too define, 
As to misconstrue
A state of mind !

 © Jean-Jacques Fournier
 Music - excerpt from - Moonlight in Vermont, by Coltrane & Getz 
 Imagery - Private/Public ...
 Audio Voice - Jean-Jacques Fournier ... 
written in Sweetsburg
January 26, 2021 


10 thoughts on ““ Those Moods ” – a state of mind –

    • Hey, Paulette … Touché, but only just, for fickle was ne’er the motivation, cause or intent, of this short compose title, one of my many, about ‘mood and moods’ I’ve scribbled over time past. Nay, tho I may give the impression in this instance, am I neither the “Fickled finger of fate” nor a member of the ‘fickledom’ society. That your hawk-eye picked up on this sly maneuver, of poetic licence, to adjust the title was all about the recital of it, for ah mood sounded more like Aamod, which is surely OK but not the intent of my compose.
      Now if you can come up with a better honest true stumble (this one took a lot of thinking), be my guest, for I’m always open to bettering myself, dear friend!

      • Thank you, my dear Paulette, for your ongoing devoted interest and sufficient care to speak your mind, that I so appreciate.❤️ to you too!



  1. Remember that song by the Bells: “It’s a Mood Manitoba Morning.” I LOVED that song. Our minds are ever active, always on the prowl for new experiences and excitement. Every time I stop by your place, my mood is elevated. Thank you!!!

  2. Good of you to offer a look at the other side of the coin, Rebecca. Thus so as my seven line compose of mood speaks only of the greyish side of moods. Thank you my friend.

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