“ A Dupery’s Game ” – of nebulous task –

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“ A Dupery’s Game ”

– of nebulous task –

Though we endure
Time passing fast,                                                       
Ne'er to be sure
The while it lasts, 
We accept its lure 
Without we so ask,
Be less than assured 
With time fixed mask,
Holds a dupery‘s game
Cast be of nebulous task!  
                                  The gift of unapprised choices...
                © Jean-Jacques Fournier   

 Paintings - Régmer, de LaTour, deBoulogne, Rourbouts & Caravaggio...
 Header Picture - Shutterstock ...
 Music -  Brahms, Träumerei (MF-422) in I F minor... 
 January 19, 2021                                                                                                                                             

6 thoughts on ““ A Dupery’s Game ” – of nebulous task –

  1. I’ve been about long enough to have been witness to a number of the referred fixed masks, but none the like of the recent crop, save of course the monsters of the world wars etc. on both sides of our virtual walls. Save of course the improbable near end of our world threat, that has just today taken its leave. May we by some miracle, find to render time’s fixed masks, forever crystal clear, so as not permit the future survival, the like of what we have lived with these last four years.
    I know, I know, wishful thinking, but what else is there in this crazy world of well intentioned discombobulated self-serving misfits, financially powered by they who would be kings!
    Thank you dear Paulette, and to answer your question, alas too many…

  2. Ah, some interesting thoughts come out of this poem, Jean-Jacques. We all have masks, especially now, which has caused confusion as to what the other person thinks. When we have limited access to a face, we have difficulty deciphering messages. I was reading a few articles on lying which confirmed that lying and deception are common human behaviors and that most of us lie – yes, we do, because we don’t want to hurt people feelings. Even so, there is only a “small group of very prolific liars.” I’ve attached on of the articles that I read about lying. You always give me something to think about, Jean-Jacques! https://www.verywellmind.com/how-to-tell-if-someone-is-lying-2795917

  3. A subject that has unlimited angles and corners to hide, thus so to delay the inevitable spill for better or for worse. One that so-called humanity has been living since man developed a memory. Mostly sad, at times healing the more sad.
    Honoured and pleased to be one accommodating your think abouts !

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