“ Today ” – a gift –

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“ Today ”

– a gift –

 I am alive
 The gods provide
 Another day, 
 Thus be a gift
 To find its way,
 As they so deemed
 That I might stay,
 Be not a dream
 For on this day,
 Again it seems
 I am alive,
 Tho by all means
 Perhaps again, 
 Yet be but for today! 

                     © Jean-Jacques Fournier 
 Poem recital,  by Jean-Jacques Fournier
 Music - Excerpt of Time After Time, by Chet Baker ...
 Pictures – Private, unknown and audio closing,
 epitaph excerpt, of John Maxwell Edmonds...
                    written in Sweetsburg
                         January 9, 2021  

8 thoughts on ““ Today ” – a gift –

  1. Dear Jean-Jacques, This is one of the most positive poems I have every read! “Another day, Thus be a gift.” YES!!!! Every day is precious. “Be not a dream For on this day, Again it seems I am alive.” Living purposely and experiencing the absolute joy of being alive! What a wonderful way to begin my week!!!

    • Thanks Rebecca! As time takes on a thankless acceleration, it seems to forget its lack of consultation with we short term occupants of these increasingly thinning, todays. Therefore it had me wondering if the ones to follow might soon have a thinness, offering morrows bordering on transparent. Alas dear friend, I realized, be best to concentrate on the value of its gift, rather than its length or weight and potential volume, said gods may feel sufficiently magnanimous to yield another. Ergo this seemingly increasing occupation about getting the most out of time and days growing ever shorter, I thought I might say more with less, in my reflection of Today – a gift – ! Save of course my not so short response to your kind observation, my tolerant friend …

      • I was thinking of you when I read an article that the earth was spinning faster and our days were shorter “Scientists around the world have noted that the Earth has been spinning on its axis faster lately—the fastest ever recorded. Several scientists have spoken to the press about the unusual phenomenon, with some pointing out that this past year saw some of the shortest days ever recorded.” So, my dear friend, it appears that the “said gods” have provided you with a deeper understanding of the world around us. https://phys.org/news/2021-01-earth-faster.html

  2. The gift of a new day of life is indeed something to celebrate! In these troubled times, we need that reminder on a more frequent basis than we might otherwise. So, thank you, Jean-Jacques!

  3. Can but agree on “today” being the ultimate gift. We do become more conscious of that fact with time and maturing and especially in these troubled times of health pandemic and political uncertainties so close to home, the likes on both counts we have not witnessed, at least in my lifetime. Thanks Paulette.

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