“ The Little Red House ” – on the corner –

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“ The Little Red House ”

– on the corner –

 The fairy tale picture
 Of its little red house,
 Sitting on the corner
 Sure lure for a mouse,
 Or little Jack Horner
 Ye find eating his pie,
 Holds be a reminder 
 The while we walk by,
 Tho soon we be older
 Can but wonder why,
 Be the little red house
 That sits on a corner,
 Seems ever so ageless
 Lends we reminisce,  
 Shoulder to shoulder
 Share memory’s bliss,
 Each day walking by
 As we pass the corner,
 Of that little red house! 
                   © Jean-Jacques Fournier       
 For Marie Bertrand, once her grandmother's actual house ... 

 Photos by MD & JJ        
 Music – If I Should Lose You, by Chet Baker ...
                                             written in Sweetsburg
                                                   January 6, 2021 

6 thoughts on ““ The Little Red House ” – on the corner –

  1. How nice of you to share this personal reaction. The like that doesn’t find such intimate feelings with my usual reflections, as so from you and Paulette. A positive note to help start see a light at the end of a pandemic 2020 as we start 2021on a better foot. Thanks Liz,for adding to the positive!

  2. As I walk by Vancouver’s heritage homes, I envision the many lives that have been lives under the roofs. As I look back, there are many wonderful memories that have given joy to my life. Many of those memories comes from sitting around a kitchen table sharing stories and warmth while the frigid winter winds howl around the corners of our home.

  3. Thank you, Rebecca, for sharing and these old homes do inspire images of the past as you point out, The Little Red House dating back to the late 1800 early 1900’s. As does my home on the same rue Principale built 168 years ago, in 1853. Just to make sure there is no mistake, I wasn’t living there at that time, as I arrived a few years later!

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