“ Conversations ” – with me, myself and I –


“ Conversations ”

– with me, myself and I –

I am curiously held aware,

Being conscious of converse

That it’s natural to beware,

In an age amorally perverse

Where humankind despairs,

Of conversations so adverse

Suggesting interest to be fair,

Yet holds intent to be averse…

Tho it be of and by myself

I fancied be a person free,

That which finds dominate

A better part of early me,

That ideates a perfect fate

To fill the emptiness I see,

In dreams imaging awake

Conversely so I want to flee…

A time knew of not be fast

Nor forcing to make haste,

Or find way to further last

In concert with moral taste,

Whose worth wouldst cast

The value of contented state,

While forgetting not the past

To help shape avert mistakes,

In conversations that will task

Beyond with me, myself and I!

                     © Jean-Jacques Fournier  

Recalled issues of, me, myself and I …  

written in Sweetsburg

February 3, 2018  

Pictures – Private Collection …

Music – Excerpt Jazz Concert by Stan Getz & Chet Baker …


7 thoughts on ““ Conversations ” – with me, myself and I –

    • I in return, thank you my dear friend for picking up on these bits of commonality, no matter the geographic difference, save asking you how you are considering the hour difference for each of us my still being half asleep at my end. How are you Paulette?

  1. Not too surprising, for as we mature and supposedly evolve, one most assuredly experience consciously or subconsciously, the need of feeling or being comfortably free, thus so to see, as in discovering avenues of life choices and so to flee, so to speak, to attain the experience of independence. Ergo the the progressive reinvention of life like our fellow trees, plants, flowers and so on. At least that is the story of my life experience, to date. Thanks Liz, for the spark of yor comment !

  2. I believe that the most difficult conversations are internal, for we are loath to impart forgiveness and redemption to ourselves. Yet it is within these moment of doubt, conflict and uncertainty, the heart sings to us of kindness, of joy, of possibilities. Many thanks for your words, Jean-Jacques!

  3. Thank you, Rebecca, I agree with you, that internal conversations are not easy. At least at first, like anything else of a sensitive nature. However having dealt with it, as a poetically written issue, I have come to see it with a different perspective, sort of taking stock of the baggage we accumulate, carry and need to sort and remove, to make room to be free and even to flee in a positive way, like a cleansing from said old baggage.

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