The Why – of it all –

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The Why   

– of it all –

 Me, myself 
 And I,
 On the shelf
 Ye ask why,
 Of it all 
 Tho once shy,
 Not the lot
 Yet disguised,
 Or for naught
 Saves one aim, 
 To but hide
 Be underside 
 Awaits cure,
 To so bide
 Asks the why, 
 Of it all
 Has one cry,
 May find resolve! 
              © Jean-Jacques Fournier 

    a simple aide-mémoire 
        to remember Conversations,
           save not of the kind to be mistaken 
              with that of Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem line, 
                “Ours not to reason why, ours but to do and die”
            written in Sweetsburg                                            
                 December 31, 2020

 Pictures - private and unknown ...
 Music – excerpt of  Alone Together, by Chet Baker ... 

8 thoughts on “The Why – of it all –

  1. The concept of “why” seems to be built into our DNA. We are insatiably curious and use the “why” frequently and generally get very little response. “Why” is open ended, the beginning of a search, an exploration. “Why” is one of my favouite words, followed closely thereafter by “Why Not?” Looking forward to the many “whys” and “why-nots” in our journey ahead, Jean-Jacques. You give me so much to think about.

    • Why, in our DNA ! it’s a bit of a reach, but I like it and find this as a DNA concept most interesting. Especially if you consider the hard to accept, tho saving grace of the double negative “Why Not”. Like a second chance or stay of execution for the uncertainty of a “Why” not being able to accept a statement on its face value, save yet again a why questioning an unjustifiable threat. Well, Rebecca, after the constant stressfulness pandemic year of 2020, I could not control my humour searching and investigative nature, desperately in need to deweight that far reaching word of “Why”. A bit like you’re excellent comment on why and why-not. Thank you dear lady for pointing an interesting road to play on, from the get go in 2021. You may notice I’ve already brought to fore a timeless piece i wrote a few years ago, of which you are already aware, titled Conversations, with a familiar sub-title.
      Happy days to you and Don, and all our collaborating friends, on and of this time consuming net!

      • Back in my university days at the University of Alberta, I heard a story (it was probably apocryphal) that centered the UofA’s Logic course. The final test had one question: “Why?” One student wrote one word and left the room while others wrote feverishly to answer the question. The student who submitted the one word answer received an “A” on his test. And his answer to “Why” was “Because.” It goes to the “less is more” concept. Happy New Year, my dear friend. Life is the best when laughter is present.

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