The Stars – a poem –

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The Stars

You’re reaching

For the stars,

The symbolism

Of all isms,

On a starry night

Your dream

Starts on its flight,

Thus so thru stardust

That seems in sight,

Tho fate assigns

Its ray of light,

For wishful thinking,

And fantasy’s survival!

               Ode to the survival of sanity’s dreams …

                         © Jean-Jacques Fournier

                 written in Sweetsburg

                    December 28, 2020

Imagery – Private & Public

Music – Stardust, by Hoagy Carmichael – Jazz Piano      

3 thoughts on “The Stars – a poem –

  1. “A ray of light” how to embrace it without wishful thinking and shooting for allism. Little successful steps illuminate the light, that’s what I’ve found. Shooting for the stars, not to be dissuaded but how to balance without expectation and disappointment is a real challenge. A great poem, my dear friend.

  2. Ah, my dear, Paulette, I do believe with your nine books already successfully published, the most recent and honoured being “Where Irises Never Grow” that you have long ago met the criteria of success. I find most interesting your choice of the word ‘allism’ for without any doubt your successes indicate that you so aptly possess the like in the post positive sense, that ability to properly balance the wherewithal to achieve in the face of challenge. I can but hope that some of your attributes will find its way into my humble poetry writing. In the meantime, I am most thankful for your support and praise for my my ongoing reflections! Thank you ever so much, my dear friend.

  3. We belong to this earth, our feet planted on what seems like solid ground, but it is when we look at the stars that we see our the possibilities and reality of our dreams . By the way, your idea of the mask and glasses worked!!!

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