Overload – the poem –



          – the poem –

We now have a world

Fixed as a solace trap,

Well hidden in disguise

Its flow of pollution sap,

Be default of awareness

For humans’ endurance,

Of distribution overload

In a lethargic sufferance,

The while its viewed extent

Be our deteriorating sanity,

By the hands of greedy bent

Of indifferent mental apathy,

Is overloading man’s capacity!

                         © Jean-Jacques Fournier

Ode to a long-time friend, Dr. Michel Gagnon …

Pictures – Private & Public collection …

Music – Excerpt of, If I should Lose You , by Chet Baker …

written in Sweetsburg

December 4, 2020

7 thoughts on “Overload – the poem –

  1. Unless your Walden Pond. Hmmm … has a thick solid iron carcass, bunker style residence, the overloaders will find to have at you. Save of course if that romantic sounding hideaway is still lighting its way with candle light.

  2. We are overloaded these days by noise and traumatic news that invades our homes and our minds. The question then becomes – how do we encourage each other to look for ways in which to engage in a more positive way. This is not about sending our “good feeling” messages – it is about identify the problem and then looking for ways in which each of us can respond. First as an individual, then as a community. We live in complexity and are experiencing the advent of many “wicked” problems that do not respond to simple solutions. Thank you for your call to action, Jean-Jacques.

  3. Thank you Rebecca for your important comment … and having been graced with the likes of your affirmative response, I will simply quote two others who are on the same wavelength.

    Here is one from Paulette Mahurin whose blog is The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap (that for some reason did not appear in my View Comment section) and I quote;
    “An image of pollution polluting our oceans and land sadly comes to mind. And then there’s the propaganda and chaos overload we are all seeking out what’s left of nature to appreciate. Your powerful words evoke these strong reactions.”

    Response to Paulette’s words from Dr. Michel Gagnon … “This is the kind of viral overload spread we appreciate. The power of words exalted by the images encompassing.”

    My reply; inspiring words of acknowledgement Michel, for an encouraging response to my humble few words on our evolving world communications. Much of it for the better mind you, but as perfection in the ultimate is not a human trait, we will have to struggle with that human species said man. Hence so, to live around the imperfections and the persistent overload self-servers. The while, we pray that our many diligent fellow beings, who consistently offer positivity of all manner, will not discourage.

    Paulette Mahurin; This is indeed uplifting from you and your friend. It is in these conversations, where sanity creeps in between the cracks in our civilization that illumination is possible.

  4. Absolument! Et il ne faut pas se laisser faire troupes longtemps, car le piège est très profond et presque impossible à cent sortir. Merci Sylvain.

    Absolutely! One must not delay awareness and corrective measures too long, as the trap goes deep and near impossible to to find rescue. Thanks Sylvain.

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