“ Inadvertency ” – a lapse of memory –

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“ Inadvertency ”

– a lapse of memory –

 Mindful, be unforeseen
 That memories will fail,
 Hopeful not to extreme
 For fear of minds derail,
 In a posit made sombre
 Thus be forever fraught,
 From a lapse of memory
 Errant as to be brought,
 By its narrated stumble
 Be of words gone awash,
 Has one in a new bubble
 Giving notions to curse, 
 Aired not as a mumble
 Views now but adverse, 
 Left to exist in a jumble... 

 ‘Tis sad state of decline
 All the while you watch,
 Feel its thought melting
 As a reoccurred botch,
 That a word will mend
 Holds cause be reborn,
 Extant failure finds end 
 Tho ye suffer self scorn, 
 Despite held to append... 

 Whilst pained to so find
 An apprise of words lost,
 Tells of old fails conveyed  
 Wants inadvertency tossed! 

                       ode to over worked minds...


                   © Jean-Jacques Fournier
                           written in Sweetsburg   
                                        November 23, 2020  
 Pictures - Personal & Public Collection...
 Music - Stone, by Hara Noda    

9 thoughts on ““ Inadvertency ” – a lapse of memory –

  1. Ah memory loss… to some degree and at one point we will all experience this more or less, even to the barely noticeable. That said, the inspiration for ‘Inadvertency’ came from one wanting to share a point, and before it can be said, for one reason or other, we inadvertently forget what we wanted to say. Frustrating but not unusual, and more often as time eats away at our grey matter capacity!

  2. I was reading an article that sheds light on how our minds need to rest, to recuperate and integrate new knowledge. This has become even more critical as we enter a virtual world that requires a new way of connecting. Instead of a classroom interaction where we can identify more clearly with non-verbal signs, we are left with small faces on a screen. Instead it of pouring a cup of tea for a neighbour and enjoying the fragrant scent along with a conversation filled with laughter, we use technology of text, phone, and on-line resources to carry on a discussion. I have spoken to both introverts and extraverts about their experiences with virtual connections and find similar responses. Virtual connection is great, but the human touch is difficult to reproduce. The article went on to say that when the mind is “overworked” it has more difficulty remembering. We live in very interesting times, as have all who have come before us. I am comforted that we have the flexibility to change and thrive even in the most difficult of circumstances. Another wonderful poem, Jean-Jacques.

    • Thanks again, Rebecca for your interesting comment, particularly… your article which went on to say that when the mind is “overworked” it has more difficulty remembering. Well, my ode to overworked minds was the instigating thought that inspired me to write ‘Inadvertency’. It being the idea which had been the result of the experience on and off and becoming less distant often enough to arouse my curiosity sufficiently to write this poem, thus so as a sort of reminder, of forgetting what you wanted to say. Ergo for me facing a like annoyance square on, normally helps find a corrective measure or a way to minimize its stressing effect.

  3. Well, not being sure, might even sound good to some people, like they who forgot what they wanted to say that never comes back. If it comes back momentarily, one is still in the game!

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