“ A Space ” – held in awe, be our planet earth –

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A Space

– held in awe,

be our planet earth –

 ‘Tis a space,
 Held in awe
 Our planet earth,
 A place we crave
 Thus so we may,
 From birth to grave
 Tho be fates play,
 One you can’t save
 Nor meant we stay,
 On its passing wave
 We’ll not want stray
 Tho holds your breath,
 With its waning taste 
 Wouldst suffer death, 
 To extend embrace... 
 Held in veiled guise,
 Tho bares one’s face
 Who finds will hide, 
 Said man’s disgrace
 And denigrating bide,
 Of our earthly prize,
 Whilst apathetically
 Man in kind deface, 
 To discombobulate
 Our memory’s state,
 Tho while held in awe
 Insentient of its worth,
 Denies many having place
 For all to be on planet earth! 
                       © Jean-Jacques Fournier 
                                          November 17, 2020
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 Music - Excerpt of, If I should lose you, by Chet Baker...                     

7 thoughts on ““ A Space ” – held in awe, be our planet earth –

  1. Thank you, Liz, especially so for recognizing the music link, as you so correctly suggest, the fitting accompaniment, of which its moody aspect might create a kind of urgency. Thus so as one of a constant reminder that must be made, more so than ever, if our planet is to survive for generations to follow, despite man’s still dubious cavalier attitude about methods of survival. The likes of speaking out in my humble fashion with a little help from friend Chet Baker, to set a listening mood i was hoping this might encourage fellow beings to take my poetic message with the seriousness intended…

  2. Third time around for me, Jean-Jacques. I enjoy thinking about your poetry, and the profound messages that you send out into the universe. This coming year, I want to explore changes that come from a groundswell. How do people respond to a call to action? Movements are powerful when they go beyond individual survival to community survival. You have given me much to think on, Jean-Jacques. Always a joy to stop by…

  3. Thank you, Rebecca, and thankful for you support of my poetry, and thus so for your initiative in wanting to pursue the possibilities of turning words, ideas and good intentions into plausible action. Whatever I can do to help, if you should find the time in your busy schedule of 36 hour days, I’m here!

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