“ They Walk Alone ” in a faceless world –


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“ They Walk Alone ”

             – in a faceless world –                

 They walk alone
 On crowded streets,
 These vacant beings 
 Suffering defeat,
 Trudging on feelings
 Found bittersweet,
 Despite bewilderment
 Held negated souls,
 In constant lament 
 For the cadence holds,
 The bulk of a life spent
 On their weary feet,
 As human refuse 
 On a deathly beat, 
 Who seek refuge
 In a mingy world replete…  

 Routed in despair
 Most lay in wait,
 For their decay
 To transfer hells, 
 While with false hope
 These human shells, 
 Pray fate awakes
 Would thus impel,
 And so reach out       
 Hence fore too late,                                                                                 
 When they’ll arrived
 At fated final hell,                                                     
 Yet so to walk alone
 Thus in a faceless world!   

                 A nudge on today’s world...

© Jean-Jacques Fournier  
November 2, 2020 
 Pictures – public/ private collection...
 Music – excerpt of Alone Together, by Chet Baker...  

7 thoughts on ““ They Walk Alone ” in a faceless world –

  1. Thanks Paulette… Yes it does speak in that direction, intentionally so, as you suggest, bearing in mind that I had written a like piece seven years ago. The while conditions are far from improving, as they have only gotten worst, added to the present world pandemic. There surely is something we humans are doing wrong, to say the least, says Itongue in cheek..!

  2. Hi Jean-Jacques! This is the third time around for me to visit this poem. Loneliness and despair come to us all, at some point in our lives – even when we are on “crowded streets.” The statistics on depression are staggering. According to WHO “Globally, more than 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression.”https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/depression. The question then becomes – how can we build compassionate communities? There are many NGO’s and government agencies doing great work, however I believe that we need a ground swell to compels us all to become part of the solution “so reach out Hence fore too late.” I think of the thought by F. Scott Fitzgerald. “The loneliest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly.” Thank you Jean-Jacques to articulating the immensity of feeling alone, of being without hope. I don’t want to be in a “faceless world.” Together – we can make a difference.

      • The world needs more reminders, sufficiently so as to make noticeable changes in human consciousness of the disproportionate numbers of suffering fellow beings and creatures of all kinds. Despite the good intentions of the average, until all our social systems worldwide are finally replaced to put humanity top of mind as a way of life, the 264 million people Rebecca refers to will grow rather than diminish. The time to act more so than talk has long been waiting to be rid of this faceless world. So let us keep pushing to make a difference!

  3. What can I say, save it is not my first or only attempt of wanting to speak out on this difficult subject, as I’m sure you of all people would have noticed over the years. Thus so I am sure it won’t be the last for my vivid imagination will not allow it to go dormant on this unjust social aspect of our world, for all the reasons of which we are all well aware.
    Thank you my, dear Rebecca, for sharing your ever so concise and inspiring comments on this glaring human condition.

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