“ Where The Lost Abound ” – desperate to be whole –

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“ Where The Lost Abound ”

                      – desperate to be whole –

In small cafes,

I sat around

Watching arrays

Of lost abound,

There but to play

Said morose lives,

That slip away

With wary anguish…

I linger here

To write of life,

That so abounds

In abysmal strife,

Till muse absconds

Urge to describe,

Their sad parade

In a despondency

That blurs its find,

Yet when about

To write the line,

Their faces fade                                                                                      

 As tho I’m blind…

So as I glimpse

This pot-pourri,

A mere semblance

Of the reality I see,

In a poor writ play

Of wretched beings,  

Moving mindlessly

Looking for a soul,                      

As they move round, 

Desperate to be whole

Thru that turbulent sea,                                                                                     

Where the lost abound!

                                             © Jean-Jacques Fournier

Music, Lazy Sunday- by Smooth Jazz

Pictures , MD and private collection

9 thoughts on ““ Where The Lost Abound ” – desperate to be whole –

  1. Oh, Jean-Jacques, a brilliant, yet poignant, reminder of those who strive “to be whole.” This reminds me of this quote by Wallace Stegner from his book Angle of Repose. “Home is a notion that only nations of the homeless fully appreciate and only the uprooted comprehend.”

  2. Thank you, Rebecca. It isn’t hard to imagine the lot of the lost and uprooted save the level of emotional pain they are made suffer. But then again, I’ve no doubt they too must find it hard to imagine, how mankind’s scientific advances have not found the way to include measures that should eliminate our fellow beings condition inferred in this reflection…

  3. I was moved by your poem. Aside from the physical danger and psychic despair of living on the streets, people who are homeless tend to be viewed as less than human. Last night I read a short story, “The Abandoned Kid,” by a former family therapist, in which he created a first-person narrator to speak for all of the lost children he worked with. As I read your poem, the thought crossed my mind that every homeless person we walk past on the street should have a poem to give voice to his or her story.

    https://necroproductions.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Justice-Issue-3-Published-by-Necro-Magazine.pdf (p. 41)

  4. Thank you again, dear Liz, and what a touching idea and suggestion, that of giving voice to the story of each homeless person living on the streets as in with, a little help for my friend, so to speak, but I should add substantially more of useful help that is, by and thru our elected so called managers, to whom we allow charge of our affairs and financial contributions etc. that is meant to serve all, and not just the wealthy and the powerful…!

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