“ Friend ” – a singular entitlement –

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“ Friend ”

        – a singular entitlement –

Why do they call me friend…

What is their cause
Or purpose

To judge me worthy,

That they should levy

Such expression of regard,

Entrust this much


To be bestowed

Upon my person,

Thus be asked to manage

With this impressive status…

And to this title friend

A singular entitlement,

Who finds possess

Such impartiality,

Could deem me deserving

Or indeed of capability,

To discharge such obligation

Required and implied,

One has that ability

When one is given title,

That of being called friend…

Why do they call me friend!


                                         © Jean-Jacques Fournier

                                                                           written in Vence

                                                                                     March 19, 2002

Photos – by MD & Private collection

Music – by Elegant Saturday Jazz

14 thoughts on ““ Friend ” – a singular entitlement –

    • Thank you Paulette! That picture of Old Don Quixote and his friend, (picture we took in San Sebastián a Basque Country in the mountainous north west of Spain) are symbolic of the absolute epitomé of the word friend, supporting each other in their windmill battle. A little bit of what goes on just south of here in Canada. though not quite so friendly.
      Take care to stay healthy, Paulette…

      • Its subtle, somewhat too short-lived appearance, though seemingly effective as here you were wondering where old Don Quixote and friend had gone, so to speak. Thank you, Liz for remarking of it being a good depiction of the word friend, as was exactly my feeling and ultimately a large part among others like influence that prompted the birth of Friend in 2002, my 1st poem ever published.



      • Thank you again, Liz, for your appreciation and expressing it so, thus of what I consider the best poem I’ve written in my many years of scribbling in this milieu, said humbly of poetry.

      • “Singlehood” it was the first you published and how wonderful it was to hear your recital of it on your Sunday Evening Reflection, with the music, the water and gulls ever so picturesque. For me a memorable new experience of which I will ever be thankful to you, Rebecca!

        Jean-Jacques Fournier


      • It was a memorable experience for me, too. Jean-Jacques. How much has changed in the months that have followed. Looking back, I find that Singlehood has more meaning now that we have experienced a more solitary time. Many thanks for your poetry!

  1. I too feel very strongly about “Friend” for it was my first ever published poem, thus so in 2004, for which appeared on the first page in the book of some 224 poems. ‘Friend’ also was given the honour of Editor’s Choice Award. All of which at the time gave one an encouraging boost to keep scribbling. Ah, encouragement, something that I also thank you for profusely, dear Rebecca… and so a few other meritorious readers who too reach out for me.

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