Of God Creating Man – be but myth, or a fact –

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“ Of God Creating Man

                      – be but myth, or a fact –

Held ‘twas day seven

Be man’s world born,

From laudable quest

Thus task was borne,

Yet transcends guess

Of god creating man,

Be but myth or a fact

Or tool in mans chest,

Versus god manmade

Now needed to wrest,

For his seamless rule

Said fulfil man’s goal,

As tergiversator tool

God of manner bold,

Crafted so as to fool

Diktat of world whole

The creation to claim,

That so fixed by man

Wouldst forever reign…


Now mans fated state,

Be as credulous mortal

Bent so will hold stake,

In his virtual existence

Derived from a dictate,

Saved for chosen few

Who’ll share the spoils

Gleaned by adept issue,

From godly like control

Thus as ever since when,

Probes birth of fairytale told

Had alleged a god created men!                

                                                      © Jean-Jacques Fournier

          A reflection on man made religions, and held myth of a god creating man…

Images & art- personal collection

Music – exerpt from, Bach – Cello Suite No.1- Sarabande, by Mischa Maisky    

4 thoughts on “Of God Creating Man – be but myth, or a fact –

  1. Thank you Liz, for your ongoing observations. Interesting, that this poetic reflection should have you think to reason so. As for me it is simply a question of perception and interpretation, not distinction.

  2. You have a marvelous way of starting a great conversation, Jean-Jacques. I love Isaac Newton’s take on the idea of God: “In the absence of any other proof, the thumb alone would convince me of God’s existence.” I have always been intrigued by the origins of mythologies for they are a way for us to understand our place in the wider narrative of humanity. Perhaps the thought is “Of Man Creating God.” We live in a finite existence, but we recognize the possibility of the infinite. Another wonderful post!

  3. Ah, my dear Rebecca, if but to further clarify my mindset on the subject of said “God” thus so in uppercase, I say to you all that I cannot doubt or attest, nor judge redress, on his or her existence. Thus so for all I have is the word of fellowmen, no more or less, qualified than me or all of ye and so called prophets held human, as in man, from way back when to this very day. So my poetic reflective question remains… Of God Creating Man – be but myth, or fact – less so than Of Man Creating God – be myth or fact… Hence so, my poem remains simply a question of perception and interpretation, one might suspect an unanswerable distinction by mortal man (which we are all ) thru so far forever failed attempts and or mythologies. And life goes on, doesn’t it!

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