“ Façades ” – that all seem the same –

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“ Façades ”      

– that all seem the same –

You try blind

Façades game,

Front or hind

Seem the same,

As man’s kind

Some be worm,

Wriggle round

In fixed squirm,

Won’t be found

Save you’re firm,

And thus bound

To want uncover,

Man rates exposed

Thru endeavours,

Hence he compose

Of a bent measure,

With baleful mind

He works his game,

Of a greed’s assign

And without shame,

He’ll find time,

To deploy his tricks

Meant keep us blind,

Thus be man’s façades

That all seem the same!

                                                © Jean-Jacques Fournier                                                              September 2, 2020

          A reflection on alleged world caretakers,

              in these yet near leaderless times, of this year 2020…

Art, by Félix Vallotton…

Music – exerpt of Twilight of the gods, by Richard Wagner…   

6 thoughts on ““ Façades ” – that all seem the same –

      • I remember this post, Jean-Jacques. I especially appreciate the ending paragraph. “Thus over the centuries do the words of poets return again and again to define our deepest needs and inspire mankind to endure against all odds. Amidst the chatter of bureaucrats and businessmen, academics and politicians, it is the voice of the poet, as he delves into the heart of things, which never ceases to give us hope.” And then the words “Good, great and joyous, beautiful and free;
        This alone is Life, Joy, Empire and Victory”. Thank you for reminding me to revisit this post. A wonderful way to begin the week.

  1. Ah, Rebecca… the simple reply in part, in this day and age, has got to do with information overload, where in there somewhere some kind of democracy originally intended to be for the people, by the people, will actually happen beyond the façades. Thus so taken out of the hands of the ultimate wealth and power control, one of the same, that leaves, said for and by, as an ongoing pipe dream. Where a by and for a lady like Germany’s Chancellor Angela Markel, is not enough to turn the long history of so-called democracy around to do what the Greek’s democracy originators, had the people believe it was meant to do, for all and by all the people. I do believe we are still waiting, gullible that we kindly humans are, trying to find façades that are not all the same, in deed and action and enough like an Angela Markel to make a real difference if man is to survive, as for example our failing ecology, the tip of the iceberg in importance. Pardon my long winded reply…!

  2. My dear Paulette, thank you for your kind words. There is no doubt as you so readily realized the intent of this poem, affecting me and my fellow beings, especially south of our border, though more so there, none the less everywhere else around our seemingly now crazy world. But I can’t let this Façades reflection sit there without a ray of hope. So do yourself a favour, and read, which I urge, the aforementioned “Related” in particular by Ian MacDonald’s Ian on Sunday, https://fournierjj.wordpress.com/2014/08/19/ian-on-sunday-the-extraordinary-claims-of-poetry-by-ian-mcdonald/

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