“ A Morrow ” – too soon –


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“ A Morrow ”

                – too soon –

Now but afternoon

In a lifetime destiny,

Whenever too soon

A morrow’s apathy,

Be angling the room

Ignoring life’s brevity,

Indifferent to gloom

Invading one’s sanity!

                 © Jean-Jacques Fournier

                        A reflection on life, ever fleeting…                   

                                     In the wake of an adversary,

                                     also known as annual anniversary…

Music – Funral, by Zurida

Pictures – Personal collection

                        written in Sweetsburg

                               September 1, 2020

8 thoughts on ““ A Morrow ” – too soon –

  1. Alas…too soon, Jean-Jacques. And yet, a life well-lived. You remind me that our enjoyment comes from enjoying the “afternoon” in a lifetime destiny.

  2. Yes a life well lived, though in an attempt to balance the pluses of that life well lived bewilders one as to accomplishing an eventual meritorious something to leave that matters despite the dilemma of those ever shrinking morrows…

  3. Thank you, Paulette. Thus indeed as you say, too fast. Oh ever so, too fast, as well as too soon… for the picture of the newborn you refer to, happens to be, a great-granddaughter!

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