“ A Snowflake ” – at the bottom lies –

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“ A Snowflake ”

            – at the bottom lies –

Holds reason wonder,

About the others

Who first arrived,

And now held under,

Tho manage to survive,

While on the surface

The more materialize,

Layer upon layer

The scale expands,

Thus be no error

They find hold hands,

Supporting each other

To bear the strain,

Makes need to shoulder

Until snowflakes turn to rain…


A snowflake

At the bottom lies,

Hence be others

That too will smother,

Yet given druthers

Reach to save those left,

Spared not of shelter

From mans foulness,

However not in vain

As natures fate egresses,

Destined suffer it’s to blame

Alas until snowflakes turn to rain!


                                       © Jean-Jacques Fournier

                                                                                                                                                                Music – Winter Night Jazz , BGM…

Photos – Personal collection …

6 thoughts on ““ A Snowflake ” – at the bottom lies –

  1. Ah, Jean-Jacques, what came to mind was all of those that have come before us, laying the foundations of knowledge, wisdom and experience. May we continue in their “snowflake footsteps.” This is a marvelous thought provoking poem. Thank you.

  2. Good take Rebecca and reassuring that these few humble words should inspire such profoundness. Tho on the other hand and in the overall scheme of life on this planet, one best not to dwell too long on the thought that we are not much more than said flake. The saving grace is that we can write about it, thus allowing us to keep reasonably grounded and for some of us even livable! Thank you dear girl for seeing the positive in a world that seems to have no end of negative.

  3. So many aspects of life at first sight can be and often are misleading, yet when one digs a little deeper, may soon find surface looks or appearances are deceiving.
    As to nature’s shaping of a snowflake, seen under microscope, it is intriguing because they all have the same basic shape. That its shape or existence lasts no longer than a flash, even in accumulation, is a solid reminder of mans life, and alas too soon comparable to nature’s snowflake… when this past year only started a few days ago, if that. Alas thankful I am that as far as I know, I’ll not melt…I think !

  4. Ah, Paulette, the beauty of your words and the sensitivity you express, leaves me speechless! Which is to say the least for me is some accomplishment. Then again hardly a surprise, of a reflection the like, coming from the reputed care giver, and best selling author that you are.
    Thank you my dear friend for giving a humble poem additional substance!

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