“ Life ” – be but a minute –


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“ Life ”

         – be but a minute –

The journey starts

Tho moves so fast,

Seems off the chart

As conjectural cast,

Life means impart

On a short tenure,

Found is my part

In fates September,

As I a minute ark,

Will soon surrender

Seen ephemeral part,

May hold remember

A diminutive minute,

Mans unwitting enter

That is to be ones life…


As life be but a minute

Do pardon my rancour,

If you crowd my space

I am short of candour,

As be no time to waste

Nor room for squander,

So I’ve cause to make haste…


In the wake of all to die

As will prized September,

When reality need not hide

Find ye peace in fall’s slumber,

And the minute to live described

Thus as said of life, be but a minute!


                        © Jean-Jacques Fournier

Imagery, symbolic of depicting life…

Music, Miles Davis Ascenseur pour l’échafaud…

Wrote for audio, in Sweetsburg August 14, 2020…

7 thoughts on ““ Life ” – be but a minute –

    • It seems that so little time ago, life was but a month or so and shortly thereafter, it became a week. Somehow quite recently it actually did start to feel like life was but a minute. But being the hard headed stubborn creature I’ve always been, I am pushing ever so hard to slow thing down so as not to reach, life as becoming but a second! Kind of feel I’d be constantly dizzier that I possibly am now. Pardon the nonsense, my long time dear friend, and stay well.

  1. “If you crowd my space
    I am short of candour,
    As be no time to waste
    Nor room for squander,
    So I’ve cause to make haste…”

    Those words held so much wisdom and power. Life has limits and there is no movement between past and future unless we use present time. So we MUST not squander present time – we simply don’t have the “time” to devote to anything but what lifts the spirit. And my spirit is always lifted when I stop by….

    • Thanks Rebecca for doing so and ever so supportingly. You and a few others, who know who they are, and like you always there with intelligent and inspiring comments, all of which gives me encouragement to keep writing, thus so for you as well as for my sanity and the nurturing of that short bit of meagre life we are allocated. Stay close, dear friend…!

  2. This poem goes right to the heart of my being as I hear time’s winged chariot bearig down upon me. The video was excellent; the music was a perfect counterpoint to the poem. (I should have known it was MIles Davis!)

  3. That music was done during Miles’ stay in France, most of it with Juliette Gréco, the while composing the music for that famous French movie, Ascenseur pour l’échafaud, with Jeanne Moreau starring. Miles remains number one for me.
    As to the poem and the support used to present it…I’m indeed most pleased that you so enjoyed the whole ensemble of this posting, and your choice of acknowledgement. Thank you Liz, and as I suggested to Rebecca, all of your confirming interests to my work truly adds to the raison d’être of what I scribble.

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