“ Men of The Sea ” – obdurate beings –


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“ Men of The Sea ”

                  – obdurate beings

On steel hull ships

In days of old,

Sail hardened men

The story told,

Of rusty hearts

And tempers short,

Whose tired grunts

Would find exhort,

Spoke fitful streams

Of words bone thin…

With guarded eyes  

And gnarled limbs,

They navigate

The lonely seas,

From dust to dawn

To burn or freeze,

Despite their brawn

Will find to cower,

As Lucifer spawns

Upon their superstitions…

In life replete

With boding myths,

And nightly demons

Who so disrupt,

The tattered dreams

Said heard compose,

The damning screams

Of obdurate beings,

That be men of the sea!  

                                  © Jean-Jacques Fournier                                               

                              written in Vence, Fr                                                                                         

.                                            January 20, 2002      

 Painting, Brager, by Jean-Baptiste Henri Durand                             

4 thoughts on ““ Men of The Sea ” – obdurate beings –

  1. As is one of mine, Rebecca… which for me brings back memories of near every port I ever saw and there were many, most of which happened after my seaman days. For some reason, the port of Balboa the Panama side of the Panama is the one I recall no matter what port I happen to be in or near…

  2. Demons of the deep and shallows, depending on the why and what brought one to a life on the sea. That being adventure, commercial as in cruses, merchant navy or military navy.
    Yes I was a sailor, where I met some of the likes of obdurate beings I speak of in the poem.
    A good life experience, of which I will forever be grateful, more so due to having lost my father at a very young age.

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