“ The Book ” – of blank pages –


  An author’s torment – revisited

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“ The Book ”

         – of blank pages –

A book in search

Of giving birth,

To pages blank,

Free of dearth

Hopes but record,

View so composed

Of words in accord,

To author predisposed

Might ease the way,

That dares initiate

A scribe’s want say,

Without hesitate

When he finds a play,

Empty of intimidate

Upon a virgin page,

The while a book awaits

Words chosen to breathe life,

To the uninhabited posed state

Held be the book, of blank pages!


                                    © Jean-Jacques Fournier

                                                     Written in Roma, It. 2013

      Music, Gymnopédie No.1 – Erik Satie …



6 thoughts on ““ The Book ” – of blank pages –

  1. Your poem struck a chord because of the number of students I’ve had to talk off the blank page ledge. My ace in the hole for the blank page (for myself and for students) is freewriting. It hasn’t failed me yet!

  2. Thanks Liz, very interesting, your freewriting as a solution that resolves what is rather torturous, and for some quite long lasting. It is more years than I remember since I’ve had writers block. Without consciously applying any particular formula, I got into the habit of writing every day, without fail 365 days a year. On every subject you can imagine, thus so in the language of poetry. Much like a painter who will go out and do scenery or street scene outlines, with charcoal on canvas, and later fill in the colours. My way are topic outlines of varied topics and ideas with words on a computer screen. Or when traveling the written word on a leather bound notebook, a gift from Marianne. And that’s my ace in the hole, much like your freewriting, that’S been working fro years…

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