“ The Man ” – of two glasses –


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“ The Man ”

       – of two glasses –

He sits to face

Across the table,

An empty space

Tho hardly able,

From time ago

The chair since bare,

Remains aglow,

To still reflect

The face he loved,

There upon the glass

Of a pale rosé…


Each forlorn day

In vain he stares,

With musing’s say

One can near feel

Her presence there,    

His mind will trace

Upon that empty chair,

A memory of her face                                                

That will not part

That special place,

Fixed in his heart…


Alas the man

Said of two glasses,

Sits so to face

As time so passes,

That empty space

He for a moment dwells,

On a memory only he can tell!

                                                © Jean-Jacques Fournier

remembering the sadness of an habitué,

chez Lou Fassum’s grand dining,

on la Côte dAzur, France …

written in Grasse, November of 2006  

Music, Misty by Stan Getz


7 thoughts on ““ The Man ” – of two glasses –

  1. The reflection does not infer specifics as in longing, that which has you wondering to be of lost love or death. I find it interesting that one or the other is of matter. Though I understand this as a normal reaction, the inspiration that had me write, was actually the symbolic ritual of the two glasses.
    Which brings me to your comment… and with all due respect, that you find him longing has you wondering, if the cause of the issue was loss of love or death. My question to you is, do you think your particular reaction is a woman thing, in comparison to my reaction being inspired by the two glasses’ repeated ritual, is possibly being a man thing ?
    Sorry my dear Liz, this was irresistible !

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