“ My Bibliotheca ” – from old scribes, to new books –


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Picture, Benedictine Monastery library founded in 1074.

Music, Book The Rental With It, by Rage

“ My Bibliotheca ”

                  – from old scribes,

                                to new books –

I’ve a library


With books

I’ve read,

While some

Want doze,

Tho be tale

Old that flows,

To ones soul

And so wait,

For old eyes

To be fed,

A said read

Afore avid dies…


I’ve books

In my veins,

That beg

Till it pains,

To be written

In stead,

Of poems

I’ve bled,

Would imbue

Near all said,

Tells it true

Of held books,

Be page anew

From birth,

Reaching out

Fated to end,

In man’s final berth!

             ode per se, to books held in one’s library…

                                           © Jean-Jacques Fournier

11 thoughts on ““ My Bibliotheca ” – from old scribes, to new books –

  1. Thanks, Marina… and I hope what you suggest holds true, for the volume of books acquired, and continue to grow and have done so for my better half and me over the years, which would have put us in the poor house long ago, if books had to be fed!

  2. Rebecca, personally at least, it is more for me to be thanking you, thus so for all of those 9 years since, of interest, support, encouragement,exposure as well as the loyal and lasting friendship that your poetic soul brought to life. You are a very special person, Rebecca and thankful I am for the privilege of knowing you and Don, thru my humble scribbles. Thank you dear friend!

  3. I should add that discovering Elizabeth Gauffreau a.k.a. Liz, and her interest in my scribbles, is no doubt due to you and your exposure of my existence in the poetry world… Et voilà!

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