“ A Vortex ” – has ye bound –


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   Painting, Cavalier Michele Federico, early 1900s

              Music, Kai Engel –Brand New World…

“ A Vortex ”

            – has ye bound –

Held the mind

Is as a vortex,

Of firm define

In ones cortex,

That be vassal

Has us bound,

Yet bedazzled

In otiose sound,

Will so frazzle

While ‘tis said

Sets a ground,

That unfolds

For its ascent,

Aims behold

Fated meant,

To be so bold

In bid chance,

Ye are in wake

Of life’s dance,

Young or old

To find taste,

While it holds

For too soon

We are waste,

To be strewn

Without grace,

As out of tune

Thus to find face,

For underground

Option said place,

Short on rebound

Despite vortex mind,

That alleges has ye bound!

                                                         © Jean-Jacques Fournier

                                                                     June 2020


10 thoughts on ““ A Vortex ” – has ye bound –

  1. Interesting description, that of the use of said old English as giving flair. Actually the intent was for the reflection to be all inclusive. An advantage of making use of a living language to its fullest. That the process led you to flair, makes it interesting. Thank you for that!

    • Ah… the presence of a knowledgeable professional care giver ” par excellence “ is forever present. Seemingly forgiving of a humble scribbler’s surrealistic leanings in description of a mortal’s mind, in this instance. A smile is good… and on the right side of what the all important in these difficult times. Thank you, Paulette, for opening this door!



    • By the way did you mean Cortes the Spanish conquistador, rather than the cortex, as in the grey matter, that is often used as reference to the level of IQ reasoning, intelligence etc.? If so I join you in your smile… which continues to be good!

  2. Ye are in wake
    Of life’s dance,
    Young or old
    To find taste,
    While it holds
    For too soon
    We are waste,

    The words – wake, dance, waste – are powerful concepts that come through the poem. Do we wake? Are we ready to create our bold and living dance. There is a double meaning to waste for me. Of course, we will come to dust, but the construct of waste suggests that we have squandered our precious moments. You reminded me of Carl Jung’s quote: Every human life contains a potential, if that potential is not fulfilled, then that life was wasted…”. I have just downloaded an audio book by Jung that I read in my early 30’s. I thought that I would reread the book to see if I have a new appreciation of his ideas.

    • Thank you, Rebecca, for your analytical reflection on “A Vortex”. Interesting advance by Carl Jung, of one not fulfilling their potential will have lived a wasted life. Though there is much that has been said by both Freud and Jung, these learned men with which I concur, I find this one of Jung in this day and age even more debatable than it might have been when he said it originally. Too many variables affect each of our lives differently to categorically make such a ridged contention. We could have an interesting discussion on that subject. Even a good topic for one of your podcasts…



      • What a marvelous idea for a podcast!! What is potential? How to we measure it? What benchmark should we use? Oh, the conversation is very exciting to contemplate. You have the best thoughts!

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