“ I Am The Colour ” – of human disorder –

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“ I Am The Colour ”            

                    – of human disorder –

I am the colour

Of human disorder,

That shades the stay

Of man made suffer,

While held at bay

Be cause of such pallor,

In ominous way

With spurious cover,

Feigning fair play

To thus be so coloured,

With doubtful recover

For fated mankind,

Bears not colour’s assign…


I an the colour,

Of human disorder!


             © Jean-Jacques Fournier

Music, Dark Cloud…


9 thoughts on ““ I Am The Colour ” – of human disorder –

  1. A profound use of the word, colour without ascribing a specific colour, as a symbol disorder. Colour evokes emotions, memories and meanings. You have given me something to ponder! Thank you, Jean-Jacques!

    • Well said, Rebecca, another very effective use of metaphor from Jean-Jacques. In his video, the spoken word, images, and music join together to create a profoundly disturbing experience.

  2. Thank you Rebecca… While you ponder, consider the state of our world that man has managed to bring to the very edge of total destruction, thru endless warring and near complete pollution, all the while feeding his ever insatiable greed. If one is to choose or name a specific colouration for human disorder, considering its multitudinous, you may want to use the colours of rainbow!

      • As black and white are an ongoing and continuing issue of controversy as to not being a colour… and tho I appreciate your proposal, painting it black, a non-colour, I suggest doing so might in essence justify perpetuating the human disorder to which I so allude is already and continues to fall on a majority of deaf ears… Thanks all the same, Liz…

      • I was wondering if someone would bring up the idea that black is not a color at all, but the absence of color. Interesting how the language of metaphor works a little differently for each of us.

    • What is so interesting about humanity is that we never consider that we are in the class of the “insatiable greedy.” We also think that this title is for someone else. The responsibility for pollution and consumption rests with each of us. The time of solitude has been a remarkable time of reflection for me. Your poetry is an excellent catalyst for exploration.

      • You are quite right, Rebecca, and as you say we are all responsible, yet the existence of insatiable greed, be one a member holding said title or not, will not be resolved, in spite of yours, mine and everyone else’s best intentions doing their maximum. Greed and insatiable aside, we haven’t a hope in Beelzebub’s Inferno, ever, as long as we must succumb to the broken system of our present so called Democracy, that favours the existence and possibilities of the present lopsided power, in the hands of they at the top, who can afford to be the ultra insatiable greedy, without concern for their fellow humans and the generations that ought to follow. Not so as long as we continue as present without fixing this planet, will it survive the extravagances of the all powerful bankers and giant corporations and their pawns the politicians. Those aforementioned words are not mine, but those… of the colour, of human disorder !

      • Thank you for being a light in the darkness, Jean-Jacques. “Princes and governments are far more dangerous than other elements within society.”Niccolo Machiavelli

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