“ Sandboxes ” – and rainbows –


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“ Sandboxes ”

              – and rainbows –

                              revisited –

Time played us so

Carefree of puerile,

As though forever

We’d live the while,

In wishful rainbows

That so beguiled,

Till hint of shadow

When of a sudden,

We’re cast adrift

Of childhood days,

Denied of sandboxes

Thus to find our way…

Now adult vision

Edges to fashion,

Of chance choices

In unlike passions,

Be soon worn thin

Held best assume,

Find remote whim

Of wearisome spins…

Yet period plagues

With insipid wishes,

And easy daydreams

Of undying rainbows,

In sandbox dwellings!

                        © Jean-Jacques Fournier

                                    o.v. 1st written Summer of 1983, in LA, California

         Painting, Children playing in a sandbox by James Le Jeune

                     Music, Kevin MacLeod – Incompetech Air Prelude #15

6 thoughts on ““ Sandboxes ” – and rainbows –

    • You are right, Paulette, as in the innocence and non experience of said childhood, then being on the inside looking out. Though soon enough and reaching adulthood the mirage crumbles into puzzling pieces of reality… that has us involuntarily peeking back at faded and distorted imaged pressureless sandboxes and rainbow memories. Alas the child in me never ceases to play mind games with my aging head…

  1. True enough, but if we don’t dwell too long on those childhood memories and all the worthy ones that follow, they become the picture of a life, including the insipid bits, that allows us to appreciate the whole sufficiently to write in one fashion or other… that helps keep yours truly scribbling away and out of harms way… Thank you Liz, for your ongoing interest.

  2. I especially liked your thought – “that has us involuntarily peeking back at faded and distorted imaged pressureless sandboxes and rainbow memories.” I have an excellent memory for detail (just asked Don – when I remind him of all those past conversations. LOL) My childhood memories are crisp and ever fresh, without any distortion as to those endless summer days of pure sunshine. Those sandboxes were full of drama – laughter and tears, friendly chatter and angry fights. Adults asking us to share toys even as they had difficulty sharing their resources. Your brilliant poem reminds me to be present now – that we are still in the sandbox trying to figure out how to work together, share resources, value individual differences. We continue to grow, learn and explore.

  3. Ah, Rebecca, lucky you for having such a a fantastic memory. Sadly, though I could once make such a like claim, I could not now do so, nor even then long after, when 37 years ago, when I first wrote Sandboxes and rainbows, and the progressive years that followed, to what I assumed most people might experience.
    Poetry and mine at least, is never all encompassing, but rather infers, suggests, imagines and proposes bits and pieces of life meant to evoke, so as one may share or see in my reflection something to which they can relate. Thus so as you just did in your comment about your extraordinary memory recall… Thank you for that, Rebecca!

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