“ The life of Butterfly ” – be caterpillar’s fate –


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“ The life of Butterfly ”

         – be caterpillar’s fate –

There be a time

Chrysalis soon,

Needs to forget

Life isn’t tuned,

Pain fails beset

Nor be immune,

Suffer progress


Feels be regress

In awkward state,

Of primary stage

Be caterpillar fate,

It dons final phase

Of innate crawling,

To find taking flight…


I may have wished

‘Twould so remain,

Thus circumspect

Sheltered from rain,

In cocoon darkness

Tho bar delighting,

In early morn sun

A colourful ravager,

Who once could see

At leaf perspective,

When as a butterfly

Explores new birth,

From watch on high,

Now a ravaged earth                                                                                                          

Thru sad tearful eye,

From fugacious berth

In wilted summer sky,

Once caterpillar’s fate

All the while reflecting,

On the life of butterfly!

                                                    written June 4, 2020      

                              © Jean -Jacques Fournier

                                              Photos, M. Dessis & anon.

                                                       Music, by Kai Engel


7 thoughts on ““ The life of Butterfly ” – be caterpillar’s fate –

  1. “Metamorphosis,
    Feels be regress
    In awkward state,
    Of primary stage”
    Butterflies – when I see them appear I know that spring has come. The idea of transformation can be applied to humanity. While transitions and transformations are essential, they are not easy. I’m feeling my butterfly wings are growing. Many thanks for another brilliant poem.

  2. Ah, dear Rebecca, you are a poet’s dream to have as a reader, because you get it…! Thus so without any hesitation, due to and because of your understanding of imagery, symbolism, abstraction and interpretation. All of which seem, no are, definitely second nature to you.

    The gods have been kind to you my friend, and I in turn benefit the serendipity of our encounter. Thank you for sharing the by-product of these, your abilities, that are for me pure enjoyment and encouragement…!

  3. Thank you, Paulette… And yes indeed the the beauty of the butterfly at the sad expense of the poor lowly caterpillar. In a way, another aspect of the beauty and the beast story. That is our world as you so correctly interpret, metaphorically into the realism, everything, bar none in life has a price, one way or another. My point exactly slightly disguised on the backs of our poor short lived butterfly and its predecessor sire caterpillar.

    • Thanks, Liz, and I in turn love your no frills, bone-thin deduction of my butterfly’s eventual reach to beauty, for it’s needed though short-lived ‘raison d’être’. Yes, freedom trope indeed, like all that is nature construe, so to speak, up to and including we from that very first drop to existence, to our ultimate short stay of questionable beauty, beyond or beneath the surface.



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