“ We The Homeless ” – not by choice – revisited


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“ We The Homeless ”

       – not by choice – revisited

It’s not by choice,

We’ve but the street

For our new host,

In this life gone bleak

It be thus a last resort,

Begs we’d not seek

Wanting as consort,

Held so to speak

Apt be a gritty ghost,

Led we live incomplete

Having lost one’s voice,

Mindful of our fate

Now being without choice,

In a discombobulated state

That be life on the street,

The while this last resort

Be until we are too weak,

To drag our bones to port

In a life of empty options,

That be for we the homeless,

Held fixed to muted notions

Reduced we be to nameless,

Drifting in crowded sad seclusion

We’ve to live as shadows on the street…


Suffer alas said we the homeless

In a populous fashioned by human apathy,

Offered in overwhelming abundance

To a growing number of ignored failed voices…


We the homeless, not by choice!


                                     © Jean-Jacques Fournier

                         Photography, by Marianne Dessis –

                                                              Music, by Kai Engel –


10 thoughts on ““ We The Homeless ” – not by choice – revisited

    • Nice of you to say, Liz, and encouraging, for one way or another I’ve tried to express my reflections in a way that would speak out for all of us who are frustrated by this world’s undemocratic dictatorial systems. One parading under the hypothetical guise of democracy. Such being the apparent so called system of, for the people by the people, that the Athenian conceived, to fool said people into believing they would be masters of their own fate, as in their freedom, welfare and destiny. If I’m not mistaken, we’re still waiting and seemingly have a ways to go, until the powerful and ultra wealthy greeds have amassed more than enough wealth than they have room to accommodate…!

      • And that is why the glaring faulty so-called Democratic system we have unconscionably suffered, since it’s inception has to be changed to truly be for the people… and not for they we elect, as in hire, and pay well to manage our affairs honestly. Voilà…!

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  1. Thank you Jean-Jacques for this profound and thoughtful discussion of the plight of the homeless. As cities grow, homelessness increases. Homelessness and poverty are truly momentous challenges that we must face as a global community.

  2. Ah Rebecca, I can but echo your sentiments, tho I may not have as much faith as needed to believe my present day fellow beings will manage to wake up to our present day so-called democracy. Thus so as to force desperately needed changes to our political and social systems, that presently has our politicians and civil servants working for the people, rather than what it has always been, once elected, we the people are working for them, once they are in office. After all it is our work and earnings that pays for their existence and livelihood!

  3. Thanks, Paulette… Though I’d written this piece barely before the very beginning of Corvid-19, when then in Italy, the second worst hit country at the time. As it turned out and as you put it it also shone the light of this said virus. Thus so to soon rbe ecognized as this silent worldwide enemy, that some fearless leaders still ignorantly refuse to face up to its completely devastating destructive horror.
    If there is sufficient intelligence left where it counts, in some countries, changes could be made, after and when, in the next five months, in the USA at least, the worst hit of all, corrective measures will hopefully be taken…!

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