6 thoughts on “Tea Toast & Trivia – An interview By Rebecca Budd with Jean-Jacques Fournier

  1. Thank you, Jean-Jacques for sharing your insights on poetry and on crows and ravens. They are extraordinary winged creatures that share our world and are embedded in our stories and mythologies. Our conversations inspire me to look more deeply into poetry. Your encourage us all to explore our personal creative spirits. I find that reading poetry out loud is a form of meditation. Looking forward to the conversations that are awaiting us in the future.

  2. Yer it was indeed, Rebecca, thus so especially, thanks to you… and lest we forget, Master Don, the technical magician whose finishing touches gave it the opportunity to be remembered. I too look forward to our awaiting future poetry influenced conversations…!

  3. I was particularly interested in your comments about doing multiple versions of your poems. I find I do the same thing, including poems I’ve sent out that have been rejected.

  4. Multiple versions seldom goes beyond 3 or 4 rewrites, at times fine tuning, and others total rewrites. A writer is no less prone to do so than a painter or sculptor who is never completely satisfied, even with the final best or near perfect finished piece. One can look at it weeks, months or years later and still find something that could have been better. On some I had changed 2 or 3 times, I actually went back even years later, to the original, finally realizing it had been the best all along.
    Crazy but that is truly and basically the tenacious make up of what drives all and any seriously creative mind, driven by that illusive goal of unattainable perfection…

  5. Thank you Resa… an enjoyable discussion made easy by Rebecca, that hostess with the mostess, on nature’s magnificent birds, and most especially the Raven and the Crow!

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