“ Butterfly, Butterfly ” – fluttering bye –


Photography by Marianne Dessis … Music, Smoldering, by Kai Engel

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“ Butterfly, Butterfly ”

                        – fluttering bye –

Butterfly, butterfly

Leisurely floating

Dressing the sky,

Fitfully dancing

Shifted by currents

In breezes on high,

Ever so pleasing

You thus advent

Gently trapezing,

Yet softly you fly…


Butterfly, butterfly

Fluttering bye

Your beauty defies,

Wonder exemplified

On wings so grand,

And of such splendour

To make rainbows pale,

In light of your colours…


Butterfly, butterfly

When summer is low

Too soon you must go,

So where will you fly

To bring life elsewhere,

That offers but sorrow

When you leave our sky,

Butterfly, butterfly

Alas but oh why,

Must your beauty then die!


                       written in Grasse, Fr. July 18, 2005

                                  edited in Sweetsburg, Ca. May 31, 2020  

                © Jean-Jacques Fournier


                                    A Butterfly ode to they who diligently

                                                 work to prevent the extinction of

                                                            fellow creature, the Lepidoptera…


9 thoughts on ““ Butterfly, Butterfly ” – fluttering bye –

    • Thanks Robin… always a great pleasure and treat, to see these very beautiful creations of nature arrive, to confirm Summer is upon us, for at least to me, it being the most human of seasons. Jean-Jacques


  1. Fabulous recitation, Jean-Jacques. Marianne’s photography is stellar and brings out the feeling of being in a field surrounded by butterflies! Butterflies remind me of fleeting moments, of yesterday’s memories and tomorrow’s possibilities. But today is magic. Carpe diem!

    • A fleeting moment, at once says it all, of one of the most beautiful creatures on our planet. However who can ever forget, if but for one, the image of that colourful monarch, and for that matter all the others tho less prolific, surely as memorable… Yet as you say, alas, they are but a fleeting moment of life. Long live today’s magic, Rebecca…! Jean-Jacques


  2. Such a poignant ending to mark the time when beauty must leave us. Those butterfly moments are fleeting and precious, as your poem reminds us to first observe and then cherish them.

  3. Thank you Paulette…It is always a bit difficult to realize that nothing lasts forever and everything has its limit, most especially when the subject is as beautiful and delicate as a butterfly. Thus so when I wrote, the ending, my reflection could but be gentle and a poignant description the only way. Your kindly comment confirms just that, and I thank for your observation.

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