“ I The Bumblebee ” – in bombinate flights – revisited

IMG_5289 2_110798203_gettyimages-813790572 3 2  Listen to audio

                                     Music, Flight Of The Bumblebee – Rimsky-Korsakov

“ I The Bumblebee ”

              – in bombinate flights – revisited

 I am the bumblebee

Said happily plump,

Bumbling with glee

In my furry rump,

Among the flowers

Find devotee’s play,

Thus as to pollinate

On a summery day,

To alert I bombilate

In gentle fellow way,

In black and yellow

Nature fixed to stay,

Pick pollen aplenty

Kissing the flowers,

No matter the many,

While time be mellow

Hence too spread life,

Ne’er destined hollow

In bombinate flights,

Be so the bumblebee

As the gods fated my plight!

                                      ode to the ever diminishing bumblebees,

                                                      be cause of man’s pollution gift to nature…

              © Jean-Jacques Fournier

13 thoughts on ““ I The Bumblebee ” – in bombinate flights – revisited

  1. This is a gentle and glorious “welcome to summer” poem as well as a reminder that we depend upon bees for our survival. Sunshine and the hum of bees comes through the WIFI. Thank you!!!

    • Thank you, Paulette for letting me know that this beautiful and lovely creature allowed my imagination to to join you in welcoming yours and my favourite season. Ah summer near year round, an important reason for my having lived in California some five years. Now many, many moons ago… as in the early eighties when we were all too young, but meeting nice people like you dear friend !

    • I thank you for this nice compliment, which I humbly accept. Thanks to Rebecca Budd, I was reminded that a vocal element, which I had used many years ago, adds an age old natural perspective to poetry, especially in our ever increasing high-speed world. It truly offers something more emotional and especially for new readers of poetry, yet to be convinced of its human worth and communications value so importance thereof among the cold commercial language constantly bombarding us all……



      • Poetry is definitely meant to be read aloud. After listening to your last few offerings, I have caught myself looking for an audio link on other poets’ posts and feeling disappointed that there weren’t any.

      • Actually, I’m hardly surprised, for one has to really enjoy the idea of the adventure that recording a recital accomplishes in relation to the amount of work involved. Sometimes anywhere from 3 or 4 to 10 or 12 takes, before you get it right, depending on one’s level of perfectionism will satisfy their self-imposed demands. I happen to enjoy the satisfaction of it, as well as the help and encouragement I am fortunate enough to receive, makes it all worthwhile, at least for now…!

        Thanks Liz, Jean-Jacques


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