“ The Gift ” – of you – revisited

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“ The Gift ”

                 – of you –

I want not to forget

Fail having tried,

Or simply accept

I’ve reason to regret,

Mindful so I could

Be able to affect,

Without need to try

As if I could deny,

Our love grew beyond

You being easy on the eye…


I wanted to recall,

The times you tried

Offering your all,

And I too blind to see

Might’ve realized,

You so needed me,

As I you even more

Tho the gift offered,

I ne’er realized before

Had always been of you …


Doesn’t tax one’s memory

To recall there’d been many,

But none the worth, if any

Yet didn’t know enough

I’d the gift of you to hold,

But only now can tell

When grown wiser old,

While you, now too long gone

Be the gift, for someone else to hold!


written in Grasse France           

                                                © Jean-Jacques Fournier


10 thoughts on ““ The Gift ” – of you – revisited

  1. “As I you even more
    Tho the gift offered,
    I ne’er realized before
    Had always been of you …”

    The idea of recollection, remembrance, memories has become more focused as I age. We live in the moment, but understand in looking back. I share your love of this poem, Jean-Jacques. It speaks to the heart of human connections.

    • Thanks Rebecca…Too true about the wisdom of time and the maturing of our ability to rationalize with the benefit having lived thru the experience of encounters and relationships. Thus so and being comfortable now knowing that all was to eventually move along as it should regardless. Quite different rationalizing than in our youth when all seemed to work itself into painful irreparable never be the same again dramas. Oh well, that is what being young is all about, and in a way makes sense with George Bernard Shaw saying that youth was wasted on the young!

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