“ Solitude ” – be coexistence –

DSCN9758  Listen to audio


               – be coexistence –

Moot be strife

In solitude,

A carve of life

That negates


Be coexistence

With oneself,

A quiet distance

Gives credence,

To relinquishing

A social imitate,

Finding release

From conformity,

For a timely taste

Of anonymity,

Said tranquil pace

Of held composure,

Be worth reaching

Without disclosure,

Tho cause to choose

A further exposure,

Save less so bemused,

One opts to visit solitude!

© Jean-Jacques Fournier

Music – In My Solitude, by Duke Ellington’s

5 thoughts on ““ Solitude ” – be coexistence –

  1. I really like this poem on the joys of solitude, starting with “Moot be strife / In solitude.” My immediate thought was, oh, yes, let me go where strife is moot. I also enjoyed listening to your read the poem with Duke Ellington playing in the background.

    • Yes indeed, solitude has to be part of life now and then, if we’re to be living it sanely, the while man ever pushes our limits, too often dangerously. The audio was a suggestion by our mutual friend, Rebecca and Duke’s music, being a jazz enthusiast, well what else but that gem of his, In My Solitude… Most pleased that the whole of it was good for you, dear lady!



  2. Fabulous, Jean-Jacques!!! I felt I was in a jazz club listening to music as a voice floats between the notes. I am delighted that you have added an audio to your posts. Your resonate voice adds vibrancy and drama. Thank you!

  3. I am the one to be thankful, surrounded by like advisors as Marianne and yourself, whose attention and suggestions of improvement are so generously offered. I am ever so grateful…!

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