“ The Child In Me ” – held shades of used to be –

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The Child In Me

           – held shades of used to be –

Though many say

He’s but a shadow,

Held shades

Of used to be,

I play their game

But truly feel,

He’s still the same

The child in me…


Some even doubt

He still be there,

And more maintain

I am for naught,

The child is gone,

My hopes are fraught

With dreams

Of used to be…


But I say not,

I know the child

Yet lives in me,

And always must

As part of man,

From birth

Until that day

We turn to dust…


It matters not,

Though but a shade

Of used to be,

I know it’s him,

And so insist

He still exists

The child in me!

                                          written in Vence, Fr.

                                                  © Jean-Jacques Fournier


11 thoughts on ““ The Child In Me ” – held shades of used to be –

  1. I had goosebumps when I read your poem.

    “But I say not,
    I know the child
    Yet lives in me,”

    A few years ago, a friend who had several grandchildren, said to me. “There are still times when I wish I could curl up in my mother’s lap.” We are always children, Jean-Jacques, are we not?!

    A beautiful post for Mother’s Day!

    • Thank you, Rebecca, and of course we are always the child to whom our parents gave birth. Tho thus sorry they be, they who are to blind to see the beauty of life they give up, if and when they fail to acknowledge the child that continues to live within their being, to enjoy and to share in a manner that can be but rewarding. Like the pleasure of offering a gift for no reason, but the pleasure of giving, that only the child in you can feel that true feeling of joy…

    • Thank you, dear Paulette… There is no doubt that the child in you remains, for the caring person that you are and demonstrate could not be so, without she being there. Only a child can be that totally giving!



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