” The Boredom ” – of comfort –

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“ The Boredom ”

              – of comfort –

Who’d have thought,

You need find avoid

A situate distraught,

Say I tongue in cheek

From sated comfort,

To state of boredom

Adjudicated chaotic,

Patterns at random

Follies kaleidoscopic,

In brazen indulgence

Disguised as stoicism,

One hides lack of soul

In ne’er ending comfort,

Until boredom takes hold!


   © Jean-Jacques Fournier  



12 thoughts on “” The Boredom ” – of comfort –

    • Actually on behalf of Marianne, Kaspar the cutie and myself, I echo your sentiments of not suffering boredom. Some of the more fortunate we surely are. Though we mustn’t rest on our laurels, far comfort is too short-lived for they who are worthy of attaining this such gift. This piece was basically aimed at the other side of the proverbial coin…

      Thanks, Paulette, and you too stay safe…!



  1. Oh, this is a marvelous thought for our current reality, as well as for any other time. We need to feel mystery, experience the undiscovered country, endure the edginess of entering the unknown. The idea of comfort, in my humble opinion, is somewhat misunderstood because we connect it with boredom or ennui, which arises from a lack of interest or activity. The key that links the two words – comfort and boredom – is how we use time. Are we prepared to give attention and become interested to the subtleties of life, or do we want external entertainment and drama? Your words “In brazen indulgence Disguised as stoicism, One hides lack of soul In ne’er ending comfort, Until boredom takes hold!” echoes this beautifully. Marianne’s photo is brilliant – looks like me after a Covid19 haircut!!!

    • Well, Rebecca, as in Willy’s Macbeth expression ‘of in one fell swoop’ you’ve covered it all from start to finish, and I’m duly impressed. Not to mention that I truly appreciate you’re having done so, as though you’d been at the very source of what had inspired my reflection on this subject. Thus so at the point of my contemplating to what extent we humans in general have become blasé, and indifferent, to the good fortune of attaining comfort. Of which a limitless amount is expected as the norm and taken for granted. Ergo, too much of a good thing, can and will end up as a bad habit, well within the grasp of that ultimate boredom…!

      Therefore my dear friend, Rebecca, my aforementioned synopsis and your fastidious well thought out analysis, has given open heart surgery to The Boredom – of comfort – exposing its raison d’être, satisfactorily… I thank for having been in cahoots with this humble scribbler, so as to have given it another quite thorough perspective.

      Stay safe… Jean-Jacques

      PS: Your haircut comparison to Kaspar, might have done it, save for the ears…


  2. The lines “To state of boredom / Adjudicated chaotic” particularly resonate with me. For me, comfort and boredom are opposites. I need comfort to be creative, to open the door to my subconscious, where are the good stuff resides. Boredom agitates me, and slams that door closed.

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