“ The Dancer ” – be the devil upstairs –

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“ The Dancer ”

            – be the devil upstairs –

I’d know the music

Just by listening,

To the patter

On the floor above,

And the pulse

That cajoles her feet,

As she capers

To a mystifying beat,

Like it matters

To the dancer,

In whose rhythm

With melodic flair,

She so adorns

Be the devil upstairs,

To mirror,

The center of a storm

Frenzied to a level,

That shan’t be mistaken

As the dancer who conforms…


She’s the devil I can tell

Tho follow I with ease,

For her dance casts a spell

Which leads me to believe,

I’m destined to her hell    

If she decides to leave,

Yet just so I can listen

To the rhythmic patters,

Bent by that devil upstairs

Be the dancer who so matters!


                                                   inspired in Vence, Fr.

                                               written in Sweetsburg PQ.

                                                         April 21, 2003



6 thoughts on ““ The Dancer ” – be the devil upstairs –

  1. Oh, the dancer mesmerizes with music and body movements. “To a mystifying beat.” “The center of a storm”. – vivid imagery. Compelling us to become immersed in the unfolding scene.

    • Thanks, Rebecca…The idea ergo the dominance of dance, goes back generations in my personal world, not to mention the passion for and of it which I inherited, has never ceased to occupy a very important place in my life. Thus so as music, dance has been a constant and significant influence. Hence no surprise that it is part of my writing, even as the actual consequence of the patter on the floor above. A disturbance I would find to turn into a poem. Et voilà!



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