” The Way Home ” – looking for the road –

Just to let you know that I have been honoured by Francina of Poetry and Art, who a few days ago, published my poem ‘The Way Home’ on her post…

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” The Way Home “

            – looking for the road –

I’d moved on

For reasons vague,

Like vision fades

For bygone days,

Where but a trace

Of puerile dreams,

For untried place

Fashioned a need,

That time in wait

Might so achieve,

An understanding

Not yet discovered,

Wants one explore

Afore life quenches

That thirst to roam,

Till years suggest

Look for the road,

Leads the way home!

                                                                written in Sweetsburg

                                                              © Jean-Jacques Fournier

                                                                        June 27, 2014


7 thoughts on “” The Way Home ” – looking for the road –

  1. Thank you Rebecca, and as well I am most thankful to Francina Hartstra of Seasons Poetry & Art. For choosing to honour me with recently publishing my poem “The Way Home”, on her Blog…
    Nice to have another thoughtful and generous lady, said Francina, reaching out from her home in the Netherlands to honour my Canadian scribbles. Where are the Indigo Books of this world, I ask…

  2. Congratulations on your poem-spotlight, Jean-Jacques! I think what resonates most for me are the opening lines, “I’d moved on, / for reasons vague.” In the end, the urge for home is so strong, we truly can’t fathom why we would have left.

    • You are so right, and I respond from personal experience, for I have moved around from an early age, and found my way back on each of the many occasions. Save for the last, and sadly so there be no salve that allows one to forget, what can but remain dear to one’s heart.



  3. Thank you kindly dear Jean-Jacques, for mentioning my post of your poem on my blog. I am flattered! As said before it’s my honour to share your beautiful poem!
    Take care!

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