” The Crow ” – in the dead of night –

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” The Crow “

– in the dead of night –

I am the crow

In a grave

Dark world,

A soul in plight

Black as the night,

Forced to live                                                

This endless flight,        

Looking for a path

To the freedom I seek,

As anxiety nears

This aging cryptique,                                                   

Who’ll suffer hell

Or fly with the devil

For a ray of light,                                

That shows a way clear

For I the crow,

To end one’s journeys

In the dead of night!

                                                                    o.v.written in Grasse, Fr.

                                                                  © Jean-Jacques Fournier

                                                                          March 21, 2005  


5 thoughts on “” The Crow ” – in the dead of night –

    • You’re so right, and thank you for saying so, as I’d been hearing so many takes on by so many voices, in tall tales of mysteries, horror stories, supposed personal experiences and many of them possibly true, but most of dubious telling. Being an admirer of both crows and ravens, who are both highly intelligent, thus so likely more than most of the aforementioned connoisseurs, I finally decided I’d join the Corvidae phratry, and speak as they of what and how they feel and live. Thus so as a relatively new member of the species, some 15 years going back to 2005, when I first started to write from their side, in the poetic medium, you’ll forgive me if I’ve a ways to go, to speak in our defence! Look for more to come eventually, and in not too distant future…!



  1. I share your affinity to crows and ravens, Jean-Jacques. “This endless flight, Looking for a path To the freedom I seek, As anxiety nears” – these are the words that resonated, for they are a mirror to humanity’s longing to seek a path that offers freedom from fear. Many thanks for sharing your perspective on these marvelous creatures.

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