“ The Devil ” – is upstairs –

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                                                         painting by Jerome Bosch

” The Devil ”

            – is upstairs –

I hear the patter

Of a prancer,

Held the devil

Playing dancer,

On the floor


Comes from hell

Just to frolic,

In a manner

Casts a spell,

Her intention

Guised to prance,

Impishly carefree

Issues to imbue,

Like a banshee

Taunting you,

Of such rhythm

Be of voodoo,

Off the wall,

That conforms

To an eerie storm,

On the floor upstairs

She infernally performs!


                                     © Jean-Jacques Fournier  

                                         wrote in Vence, Fr.        

                                           April 21, 2003  



8 thoughts on ““ The Devil ” – is upstairs –

  1. The idea of dancing and of the “upstairs” location envisions a party. And the pronoun “she” adds dramatic flare. The words “prance, carefree, impishly” give a sense of happiness, which is so different from our usual view of what “hell” is all about. You always make me think, Jean-Jacques. Always a pleasure to stop by….

    • Jean-Jacques Fournier

      Thanks, Rebecca for opening this up, to give my reflection yet another dimension, thus so as did Liz Gauffreau’s. You could say that it makes three with my own, though mine having inside information, so to speak, that composed it as a reaction from someone living on the floor below. Said person subjected to the patter of the prancer, playing like a dancer, many hours long. Hence using this tolerant description, turns the experience into the somewhat abstract picture, that composed this poem of the devil upstairs. Alas, all this to say that poetry can but hold, maintain and grow, with the feed from your comments, yours and Liz, who are thankfully committed and totally interested, to the point of speaking out in your own fitting and generous manners. For this, being a dedicated scribbler of the medium, and a.k,a, said poet, I thank you both profusely for your ongoing support…!

    • I wish…save I was the one below for 3 months, which brought me back to the state of living the life of a night owl, an old habit. Apart for that, at least it inspired the enjoyment of scribbling this piece, one of very many fulfilling my raison d’être, to be in the south of France, to write poetry on any and all subjects. Alas, mission accomplished, for said raison d’être lasted 8 years, though not as the one below! Thank you for your observation…a good one!



      • All I could think of as I read the poem was that if I were the person in the lower floor apartment, I would have gone stark, raving mad. You’re right, though. You did get a good poem out of the experience!

  2. Thanks Liz… I did move out, but the inspiration stayed with me and a few more poems in this vein came to be in dancer form, one of which I will post quite soon. You know, strike while the iron’s hot sort of thing…

    • The use of the word hell or devil, for me is seldom if ever related to religious issues but are great for that play on words to which you refer. As well, fact that my scribbles and their composition thereof, creates such imagery that inspires the memory of past experiences, means to me that my poem works and my ultimate goal is achieved. Thank you, Paulette for letting me know…!



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