“ I Want To Tell ” – of things that sing –

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                                                             Photo, Marianne D


“ I Want To Tell ” – of things that sing –


I want to tell

Of time that brings,

In early spring

Of things that sing,

Restoring life

To summer brooks,

With twisting ripples

Through shady nooks…


I want to tell

Of stars that twinkle,

In your eyes

As you allow a smile,

 I want to tell

About the wind,

Plays in the trees

To kiss the leaves,

That flutter lightly

In a gentle breeze…


I want to tell

Of things on wings,

Held butterflies

Who decorate the skies,

Be of nature’s doing

Hence until they die…


I want to tell

Of bumblebees,

Bumbling leisurely

Where they please,

As summer plies

Its mellow zephyr,

Thus till fall requires

Nature’s dance defers…


I want to tell,

Of world defined

As a man made hell,

May spare a mind

That so wants tell,

With love to give

Thus so to bring,

That we find live

The while we cling,

To things that sing!                                                                      

                                                                       © Jean-Jacques Fournier


15 thoughts on ““ I Want To Tell ” – of things that sing –

    • Always appreciate your encouraging words and support you have accorded me all these years. When it comes to poetry, we who persist in the use of this language to express our reflection, can only survive with your generous attention. Thank you so much Paulette!

    • Thank you dear lady… always a special pleasure to share one of my scribbles that gets your attention. Especially so from the likes of such a talented writer as you dear Francina!



      • Thank you Jean-Jacques, and you are welcome, the pleasure was mine. Would you mind I browse through your poems and feature one of yours on my blog? I have a guest corner where I share poems I truly like from my fellow bloggers. All credits and link will be leading back to you of course. Please let me know if you would like to be one of my guest poets. Be well. Francina

      • Dear Francina, what a nice way to start my day, given your invitations… to which I say you are absolutely welcome. I am quite flattered and happy to oblige. Browse all you want and choose as you please in some 680 poems presently on my blog. As to be one of your guest poets, of course, I would be honoured. May I assume that you would let me know in advance?

        I find your interest in my scribbles, to the point of extending these invitations most touching.

        Thank you Francina, and take extra care in these days of trying times.

        Be well, et à bientôt, my friend, Jean-Jacques


      • Dear Jean-Jacques,
        Super, thank you kindly for your trust in me. I am flattered you grant me permission, it will be my honor to feature your poetry on my blog.
        Of course I will let you know in advance when your poem will be posted, what might take a little time.

        Be well, you and your family take care too!

  1. LOVE! LOVE!! LOVE!!! This poem, Jean-Jacques. Perfect for the special day of Easter and a gracious welcome to spring. You have a marvelous way of opening the window of possibilities. I felt the fresh air and heard the sweet singing of birds…. Big hugs to you and Marianne!

    • Thank you Rebecca, for including my reflection of Wanting To Tell – of things that sing – in the celebration of Easter weekend. Seems a fitting thing to do, what with the imposed severe but desperately needed restrictions, requiring all the help we can get. Thus so as to adhere to said restrictions, if we humans are to survive. Be well and be safe, dear friend…!



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