“ Love ” – of my life –

There is a love

In my life,

That is the love

Of my life,

And far above

My recites,

Or gods of love

Who bid light,

A state defines

Exquisite sight,

Fate so assigns

For my delight,

Until life runs

Me out of time!

                                                            for and about Marianne,

                                                                         love of my life,

                                                                              in its 17th year

                                                                                     of  thaumaturgy delight…!

© Jean-Jacques Fournier

P.S. this poem will appear in my new published book #16, soon to be released, entitled;

Love – by any definition –    A Collection Of Love Poems … in a Poetry on a Canapé book…




6 thoughts on ““ Love ” – of my life –

    • Merci, Diane, pour ta reconnaissance… Toujours plus inspirant de et peut-être légèrement plus facile de composer une réflexion pour une personne de gentillesse et sensibilité telle que le sujet de ce petit poème… Why else 17 years !



    • Thanks again Paulette. However if I may add… that it is rather pleasantly easy to compose a like reflection for the likes of this extraordinary Marianne, for so many reasons, and a few of which you are aware thru my writings.



    • Thank you, Francina. A reflection easily influenced when the author has the good fortune of living such a serendipitous gift with which I live …!



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