“ Brothers ” – for but a time –

Be fortunes lost,

And later read

Of human cost,

Be of men dead

By fortunes lost,

Near nation wide

While few survived

Those who did cried,

Brother please

Can you spare a dime,

Was prelude to the times…

While not my bide

Yet fore I’m dead,

Be my expired hide

That you have read,

Might you not now

Allow some doubt,

On  held debate,

To spare the while alive

Afore we be deaths bate,

Just  but a time,

To be a brother mine!

                                                         ode to a lost brother

An old but timeless story, from biblical to ongoing times,

alas of generic proportion…

                                                             © Jean-Jacques Fournier

2 thoughts on ““ Brothers ” – for but a time –

    • Yes, it rather is haunting, isn’t it… though with the ever-increasing speed with which we are forced to adjust and adapt, thus to relate to each other, if but to survive in today’s life, makes that long ago depression era street cry of “brother, can you spare a dime” come to mind, in a more dramatic and frightening manner. Save a dime won’t cut it anymore, because non-breathable air and dead water will get us anyway, unless ???. It must be naivety that keeps me hoping!

      Thanks for the inspiration, dear Francina…



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