“ Another Minute ” – then again –

Another minute

If not shorter,

There is a limit

Eventual fewer,

A matter lends

Now then again,

For time to end

But not before,

Ye make amend

For wasted time,

We do so spend

Be it a minute,

One left behind,

Or in between

Absent of mind,

We seek to gain

What will unfold,

Even to stumble

As age takes hold,

Be taste of humble

The while unfolds,

Another minute

Endures life’s toll,

Taken for granted

Presumes one find

Not empty handed

Tho beyond reach

Of another minute

Be wonted then again!

                                                                      © Jean-Jacques Fournier  

                                                                     ode to a very dear friend,

                                                                         Louise Fleischmann,

                                                           celebrating her Virgo Happy Birthday,

                                                                        today August 30, 2019



2 thoughts on ““ Another Minute ” – then again –

  1. Brilliant!! We are defined by minutes – some seem longer and others far too short. Oh, I am going to use this poem in a recitation. You have given me goosebumps, yet again. Thank you for adding insight and joy in my life.

  2. Most happy to be the bearer of your said insight, and joy, especially in the life of my dear friend Rebecca, and to any and all who can relate to my poetic reflections, in what ever way they find to interpret the aspects of one’s vision of life’s effects, on we humans ,and creatures of all kinds. Pleased of your intention to use the work in your recitation. Let me know when, so that I can tune in to hear this recital, or any other. Thank you for your care and attention, Rebecca!

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